Why Software Testing is Important?

Software testing (S/w) is the process of executing a software program or an application with the intent of finding errors and faults.

Once we completed the educational course, we will be on the way to choose our career path. You may want to consider looking for job offers, see what is required. Then you will begin to improve your skills and experience.

Considering all other career choices, it is safe to say that Software testing is a really good career option.

What is Software testing?

Testing is about making sure your product or service meets the requirements and analyzing it from the point of view of the end customer.

Finding the errors can be a great task not only for testers but also for everyone who wants their application, website error-free.

Role and Responsibilities of a Software tester-

Apart from finding bugs in a software product confirming that the Program meets the program specification.

 As a Software tester you need to create test cases, scripts, procedures and generate data.
You need to execute test procedures and scripts, analyze standards and evaluate results of system/integration/regression testing.

• Speed up development process by identifies errors at an early stage.

• Maximize the value of the software.

• Successful launch of the product, save money, time and reputation of the company by discovering errors and design flaws.

• Promote recurring improvement.

• Reduce the organization’s risk of legal liability.

5 Reasons why software testing is a good career option-

  1. Software testing is in demand-

In the generation of digitalization, education, banking or health, everyone is going the digital course. Competition is improving to develop products and provide online services.

There are lots of options available for all software products or all S/w services, but the important thing is quality. And when we talk about quality, testing/quality assurance comes first. So testing is in great demand and if you know about automation chances about getting hired is increase.

  • Easy to understand

We must first understand the application before we can perform the appropriate tests. And we must be able to understand things very quickly because of time and resources. Comparative to development you will have little less work load or pressure at least in testing.

  • Shift from development to testing is easy-

If you’re tired of developing or if you think coding is not exciting for you and you want to move to something different within the IT department, the test is a good option to consider.
In development, you need to know the life cycle of development. You know how to develop an application implicitly means that you also know how to check its accuracy.

Your coding skills are an investment you can also upgrade, if you are a Java developer, learning selenium and switching to automation is much easier.

  • Tester gets a better salary-

Many people thought that Software testers are paid less than developers. But this is not true. As a beginner whether tester or developer, the salary scales is the same. Then depends on your evaluation and performance where you have to prove your worth.

Companies pay you based on your performance, where your profile does not matter. But your knowledge of the field, your certifications, etc. certainly counts.

When you change your company as an experienced, your salary depends on your previous salary, the current IT situation, the role you are going to occupy, and which will constrain your skills.

  • Software testing is about learning fast and implementing new ideas-

In software testing you have to apply a number of ideas to do your work. You have to look at a bigger picture and you have to understand how eagerly end user can handle the product and have to imagine what could be end user’s expectations.

Job opportunities in manual testing and automation testing-

Manual testing is the first step without carrying out manual testing we cannot proceed towards automation testing.

Automation testing is most useful when repetitive functionalities of the software are to be tested.

 Two main paths for quality job:

1. Quality Control – To ensure that we produce the right product to customer with quality level expect.

2. Quality Assurance – To assure that we are doing the right thing the right way. The first is more on performing testing and the second is more on the process and audit. Manual test will be categorized under ‘Quality Control’.

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