Looking for a career upgrade in data science domain? Look no further.

Imagine this scenario. You are sitting in a review meeting with your boss. He asks you how what numbers can be expected in the next quarter. You present him with a comprehensive trend analysis of previous years, with all information placed articulately in graphs and tables. You also present to him the potential threats and suggestions to tackle all these.

You are able to predict the future based on past and present data! Sounds surreal right? Well this feat is easily achievable if you have the correct knowledge of data science.

The power of data science is immense. Usually the process of data analysis is distributed into 3 main steps:

  1. Descriptive Analysis

This branch of data science deals with describing data that is already available to us. This kind of analysis answers questions pertaining to “What and why has something happened in the past?” By using tools like Tableau you can show the graphical representation of data which is easy to comprehend for others.

  1. Predictive Analysis

Once you are done with describing the data in the first step above, you come to the stage of predicting ‘what will happen in the future’ by observing the trends from previous data. Predictive analysis is something that every business needs to do. If they are already aware of the future indications then business strategies can be aligned accordingly.

  1. Prescriptive Analysis

Now that via predictive analysis we are familiar with what the future might hold for us, the next step is to find actionable insights from it. This exercise answers the question ‘What should we do?’ If this analysis is done with precision this will prove to be a goldmine for the organisation.

Now you must have realised the importance of data science for businesses. Research shows that currently there is a dearth of good data science professionals. Therefore, you can find a lot of institutes that provide data science training in Mumbai and other major cities in India.

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