Top 4 Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

Immigration to Canada has always been among the main goals of immigration enthusiasts around the world. In this report, Moghadam Immigration Co. will provide you with the 4 most common reasons for increasing the immigration rate in Canada.

immigrate to canada

The Canadian Unique Education System

The education system in Canada is so unique and also the costs of college and university are low compared to many other countries such as Australia, England and Untied States. That’s why thousands of students are attracted annually to this country just to study in Canada. Moreover, according to Canadian immigration rules, international graduates who have successfully completed their two-year study program in Canada can apply for a professional job in Canada with a 3-year work visa. Therefore, many students that are willing to immigrate prefer to study in Canada.

High rate of Job opportunity in Canada

        Job opportunities rate are high in Canada compared to other European countries. Due to the size of Canada which is the second largest country in the world, there have always been needs to specialists, engineers, doctors, nurses, technicians and etc.  That’s why immigration rules are relatively easy for people that are willing to immigrate to Canada. Also the minimum wage in Canada is relatively high. In 2019, the minimum wage in Ontario was around $14.60 per hour.

wide cultural diversity

The cultural diversity of this country is high; thus the multiculturalism in this country is more acceptable than other countries. In general, Canada is a country formed by the integration of European natives and settlers. The main and dominant culture in Canada is the English-French and native-Canadian culture, which is well adapted to each other and has remained stable to this day. The main reason Canadians adapt to their cultural diversity is their non-quota and migrant background. For this reason Canada and Canadians consider multiculturalism as part of their identity which is completely different with most of European countries where refugees are in a minority. Therefore, with every culture and religious background, immigrants can have a normal life in Canada.

Unique healthcare system

Canada’s unique healthcare system has a full ****** reputation. The healthcare system are provided to all Canadian citizens regardless of the level of their income. All of these costs are tax paid by individuals. Meanwhile, people can benefit from other things such as old age benefits, child costs, and various types of unemployment insurance.

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