Football Manager 2018 – Simple Tips

There are no cookie cutter tactics plans to beat the game

This is a critical one that I think a lot of players don’t grasp. If you are completely clueless about tactics as we all once were, pick a few from the workshop, tweak them as needed, and train your team on them.

But as time goes on, AI coaches, especially in higher leagues, began to learn your tactics, and they become effective. buy games gold for it now.

This is a major change that I noticed from ‘16 to ‘17. In FM 16, I had a solid 4-3-3, set on the top of the Premier League for years, no problems at all, but due to changes, this doesn’t work as well as it has in the past.

If you make it in the game for more than a couple of seasons, you will probably hit a point where things just seem to breakdown. As noted above, consider mixing it up for awhile (even a few months/season), and then going back to your preferred ways if you insist.

Teams tactics familiarity varies by team/age/turnover etc.

While it has gotten a lot better for the past couple of years, a frustrating aspect, especially when taking over a team, is that you will spend a lot of time waiting and training players on tactics. It could be 3 – 9 months. They could never fully kick in at over a 70-80% familiarity.

Training on tactics is important. I have had awesome teams who don’t achieve their potential due to poor tactic familiarity, typically they are filled with younger players, and I have had okay teams achieve a lot due to tactic familiarity.

But… I have had good teams with 90 – 100% tactic familiarity struggle too, so there’s that.

Also, as noted, don’t be afraid to tweak your tactics, as teams with good tactic familiarity can go through some adjusting without suffering too much.