Toothworks – Toothworks Calgary offers Best Dental Crowns and Bridges

Toothworks Calgary offers best dental crowns and bridges

If your teeth are keeping your confidence down and you’re looking for the best dental crowns and dental bridges in Calgary, choose Toothworks Calgary in T3R 0R5. We offer premier cosmetic dentistry that will give you a brilliant, natural smile.

What are dental crowns and dental bridges at Toothworks Calgary?

Dental crowns are coverings (caps) made of metal, porcelain or resin fitted over a natural tooth. Although they’re used to strengthen a tooth weakened by decay or damage, they’re also a superb choice for a more appealing smile. Dental crowns can be placed over discolored, stained or chipped teeth. They are tinted to look natural and will match your natural teeth. They add strength and structural support to weakened teeth too.

Crowns are great if you:

  • Have a cracked or chipped tooth that needs covering
  • Need a bridge due to a missing tooth or teeth
  • Have dental implants
  • Have discolored or stained teeth

Teeth that have had a root canal treatment must be covered in a crown.

Dental bridges are pontics (a false tooth or teeth) set firmly in place by connections to the natural teeth on either side of the gap between those natural teeth. Bridges are usually main of tinted porcelain that matches your teeth, allowing a flawless blending in of the bridge and your remaining natural teeth.

Crowns and bridges can be made of porcelain, resin, metal alloys and ceramics. All of these but metal allows can be tinted to match your natural teeth.

Getting Crowns at Toothworks Calgary

It usually takes two visits to finish treatment. The natural tooth is shaved and shaped until the crown will fit snugly over it, then an impression is taken. You’ll wear a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready in a week or two. Avoid chewy foods and chewing gum while wearing your temporary crown.

Continue to brush and floss after receiving your new crown or bridge. Good dental hygiene is always a must! To learn more about dental bridges and crowns, contact Toothworks Calgary in T3R 0R5.