started offering low cost Grocery Delivery in Mississauga, Ontario

Your One-Stop Solution for Ordering Grocery, Pet Food, Alcohol and Beer Items with 100+ store in Mississauga.

With the huge competition in the grocery delivery market, Canada’s motivated Toronto based Start-up, announced their expansion in Mississauga, Ontario. Launched the immense virtual grocery stores, pet food stores and LCBO and The Beer Store. This is bringing foodies a superior choice of grocery stores with alcohol & beer delivery exclusively on the

Globiness promising same day delivery from a local store in as little as 1 hour. It has a vast variety of more than 100 stores to offer grocery, pet food, household supplies, organic food, health & beauty, and wholesale including COSTCO, alcohol & beer delivery from LCBO and The Beer Store. One Stop shopping allows customers to sit back and relax with order everything from home and get delivered to the home.

Gift Giver Program is available for donating a grocery or food to Charity, Church, Gurudwara, Temple, Mosque, Organization, and other similar places. Corporate Sponsorship Program is available for Corporations who love to reward their employees and has a unique way to honor your talented team. They work hard for the company, it’s a way to increase opportunities for leisure and be unique. You will get benefits in many more ways of attracting and retaining talent to enhance productivity as happy employees are more productive.

Up to 100% delivery fulfillment commitment by providing Substitute and Ultra Substitute options to customers. Out of stock is a usual story in grocery stores, these unique options will have something promising to offer and solve the issue. Major benefits include, in-store pricing, in-store deals, original store receipt, no markup/margin on the item price. Truly for customers. is helping grocers of all colors and pet food store owners. As Grocery is lean competition market segment of retail, it’s quite hard for grocers to manage online ordering system with day to day complex grocery operation. Whereas Globiness is enabling the opportunity to unite and grow in the segment. Unlike, other online grocery delivery services, who either compete or put an additional financial burden on grocer and ultimately customers suffer with the extra financial burden like, hidden delivery charges, higher item price, price different from in-store price, no in-store weekly deals to offer, busy delivery pricing and so on. Globiness is the way to go for grocer by creating a Win-Win situation for both of them.

One Stop shopping offering as per emerging buyer trends in 2018 and well forecasted in 2019. After all, in the era of digitalization clicks makes customers happy. Smile appear on a customer face when the hardest part of their weekly schedule become simplest most.

Mayankkumar Patel, Co-founder of Globiness commented on their expansion. He stated that they are excited to making a difference in Mississauga community. We are bringing heritage back to your doorstep. If you ask your grandparent, they have a better story about their involvement at back in time. It’s started with milk home delivery (milk man) and later they added bread, eggs and more. They hope to provide the Mississauga’s grocers partnership with growth opportunities. With positive hope, the customers too enjoy ordering and eating at the tap of a button. The association with Globiness, they aim to get the goodwill and trust earned in the grocery space and combine it with the new age reality of virtual grocer for every families need which will be delivered to the consumers at home and work in an appropriate way.

Online Grocery Delivery means those which are digital-only shoppers that will allow the business owners to explore new e-grocery options and will help to reach a wider audience by using the amount of space in their existing store or supermarket. This grocer will allow the partners to examine the new opportunities in today’s vibrant market in a dexterous manner.

Globiness is currently operating in Mississauga, Ontario. Globiness is planning to expand in neighborhood’s cities Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Oakville, Burlington in 2019