Craft Beer Market by Product Type, Application and Region – ****** Size and Forecast, 2018-2025 –

Market Overview

****** Craft Beer market is expected to grow with a CAGR over 22% during the forecast period 2018–2025, owing to increasing demand for beverages, and its great variety of styles & flavors and penetration of new markets. Rising number of microbreweries across the globe produces a small amount of beer but emphasize on the quality, taste and new product innovation according to the changing palate of beer drinkers. Thus, rising consumer preference for flavored and low ABV beer and increasing penetration of craft beer in emerging countries including China, India, South Africa, and Brazil will propel the craft beer market over the forecast periods.

The Craft Beers are mainly produced by small, independent breweries and offer a wide range of colors, texture, and flavor. Asia-Pacific and other developing regions are witnessing demand for Craft Beers due to the increasing disposable income and product innovation by the craft brewers. In addition to this, rising middle-class population in Asia-Pacific and Latin America are raising the customer expectations that results in resetting strategic imperatives for industrial manufacturers to come up with customized products like craft beers in the market.

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Key Product Analysis

Craft Beers are segmented in various product types which include Lager, Ale and Stout & Porter

· Lager and Ale both are derived from yeast. Lager yeasts are those that can be fermented at cool temperatures, generally in between 6°C and 13°C. Lager yeasts used in craft beers tend to produce fewer fermentation by-products and are perceived to offer cleaner and crisper taste to the craft beer drinkers.

· Ale is also derived from yeasts that can be fermented at relatively warmer temperature, generally in between 15°C and 24°C. Lager yeasts are “bottom-fermenting” yeasts while ale yeasts are “top-fermenting” yeasts

· The term “Stout” & “Porter” are used interchangeably for dark style craft beer that is produced using roasted barley, hops yeast and water. These are very strong beer types which became popular a long ago due to their increasing demand.

Distribution Channel Analysis

· On-Trade distribution channel of craft beer contribute to more than 50% of overall sale, in terms of volume. This is majorly due to high consumption of products in restaurants, clubs, and bars in developed countries like US, Australia, UK, Belgium, etc. Moreover, the growth of microbreweries that offer their own craft beers also contribute to the On-Trade craft beer business

· Off-Trade distribution channel is witnessing significant growth, mainly in developing countries because they offer craft beers in much cheaper rate than their On-Trade counterpart.

Competitive Dynamics

The ****** craft beer market is dominated by a number of players, amongst them the major players are D. G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., The Boston Beer Company, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, The Gambrinus Company, New Belgium Brewing Company, etc. Companies in this industry are following different strategies to strengthen their market position. For instance, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., partnered with Boston and Philadelphia-based creative agency Allen & Gerritsen two produce two commercials aimed to attract younger drinkers and celebrate craftsmanship, tradition, and perseverance of the family-owned and operated company and its craft beer products.


Chapter One: Research Framework

Chapter Two: Research methodology

Chapter Three: Executive summary

Chapter Four: Craft Beer Industry Insights

Chapter Five: ****** Craft Beer Market Overview

Chapter Six: Craft Beer Market, By Product Type

Chapter Seven: Craft Beer Market, By Distribution

Chapter Eight: Craft Beer Market, By Region

Chapter Nine: Company Profiles

List of figures

Figure 1 Food Additive Industry Ecosystem analysis

Figure 2 Production of Hop by Region, 2016

Figure 3 German Hop Production, By Region, in Meter Tonne, 2016–2017

Figure 4 ****** Barley Production, By Region/Country, 2016

Figure 5 Manufacturing process of craft beer

Figure 6 Sales and Consumer Spending on low ABV product, in UK , 2015–2018

List of Tables

Table 1 ****** Craft Beer Market : Vendor Matrix

Table 2 Properties of Lager Yeast and Ale Yeast

Table 3 ****** Lager Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value (USD Billion ), 2014–2025F

Table 4 ****** Lager Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Volume(Billion Liters), 2014–2025F

Table 5 ****** Ale Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value(USD Billion), 2014–2025F

Table 6 ****** Ale Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Volume (Billion Liters), 2014–2025F

Table 7 ****** Stout & Porter Market Size & Forecast, By Region, By Value(USD Billion), 2014–2025F

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