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You’re probably accustomed with the standard charcoal and gas grill, but do you realize what an infrared grill is? Although the innovation has been around since 1980, the infrared gas grill has appeared on the market as a better way to BBQ. is your ultimate destination for buying portable grills.

Check out Mr. Steak if you are facing a dilemma about which Portable Grill to buy, or wonder how do infrared grills function? Beaming high heat is chiefly applied to heat up permeable ceramic tiles. The heat coming off the tile usually turns the flames from your backyard or small infrared grill into an infrared energy source. Mr. Steak offers infrared portable grills for multiple usages.

A significant advantage of the Best Portable Infrared Grill at Mr. Steak is that it keeps your meat moist. Your meat stays moist when cooking it because the increased heating level from these grills sears the juices inside your meat, so it’s essentially trapping the juices in. Infrared grills can get over 1000 degrees F. There’s no doubt that these grills can give you those excellent grill marks that you’re all trying to get!

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a grill for you at Mr. Steak that will be practical for your cooking and budget. The 3 Burner Propane Grill from Mr. Steak is a popular choice as over the past couple years more and more people are using propane grills for cooking their food, and the percentage of people who have opted for propane grills is higher.

People are using propane grills from Mr. Steak because there are many advantages and they are very easy to use. Most of these propane grills employ propane for heating and apart from that using them is relatively simple. Just turn on the knob to permit propane gas to flow to the burner and flash the lighter over the burner head. They are also very heavy duty.

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Mr. Steak is a line of grilling products created to help elevate the ultimate dining experience at home. Launched in 2016 and invented by longtime grilling enthusiast, Mick Scully, a.k.a. “Mr. Steak,” the company offers a variety of grilling accessories, seasonings, and both Patio and Portable grills which feature infrared technology and the highest quality construction. All products are exclusively available online and in-store.