How to tour Israel in the most thrilling way?

Unlike other countries that you toured, Israel is not just a mere collection of sights but first of all a great story, the story of your heritage and of half of the human kind’s. This story – past, present, and future – is exciting and fascinating, yet complicated, and has to be unfolded gently and gradually, using various sights (out of endless possibilities) for this end. Our tour is about telling and developing the amazing story of this country, unfolding gradually and carefully this complicated story so you can digest it easily, understand and enjoy it in such a way that when you depart you have the thrilling sensation of a great journey in time, cultures and religions. It is once in a lifetime experience. For this, you need an experienced expert tour guide. You cannot have just anyone.

When I design your tour, I do it with the utmost care to fit it to your nature, needs, and expectations and can be flexible about changes in the itinerary (before and during the tour) as much as they are needed. Usually, with my tourists, all they need to do is order the airline tickets, I take care of all the rest – charming accommodations (internet prices or less), reservations of all kind, funs – you name it.

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