What is a link shorthand?

What is a link shorthand?
Shortcuts are links to sites that shorten your long links and give you a new link on the site’s main domain. Like this link: https://goo.gl/ZmYLCn which is usually associated with different letters. When you click on this link, you will be logged in to a page on my site titled “How to Get Lost Motivation?” So what’s the benefit of this?

In fact, the shorthand services of the link from the name they are known for are used. Short links to you. But do I really have to use these services to shorten the link? What other reasons do people use link shorthand?

Come along with me to tell you the benefits of using link shorthand.


Why do I sometimes have to use a link shortener?
There are many reasons why the link is short. People with different motivations use shortcut links.


Short links too long
Very long links are unpleasant for many. For this reason, the first use of link shortcuts is the shortening of very long links. So many places can not be sent too long and we have to shorten the link. I will refer to it later.


Shorten links on social networks
Shortening links on some social networks like Twitter is really a must. Because we are on Twitter with word constraints, we do not waste the shortcut to use the number of words we want to use.

Also short links are also used in BioInstargram. Due to the small size of the mobile page, it’s better to use the link shortener on the Instagram page. Of course not just that! I’ll explain more about it later.


Shortcut to track clicks
One of the main reasons why digital brands force the use of link shorthand to track clicks and find out how many people have clicked on their link right now.

In some cases it is not possible to find out how many times your link has been clicked. Sometimes you may not have a system of surveys, in which case you have to use the link shorthand to figure out how many people clicked on your link.

Like the links you place on your telegram channel. Perhaps the best way to figure out how many people clicked on your link is to use the link shorthand. Notice of clicks on the links used by BioInstargram also applies.


Shortcut for links to Persian
Sometimes they use the shorthand link to shorten links that have Persian addresses. Many times when you want to send a page address that is Persian to someone, or to put it on a site, you may encounter a lot longer than the current address. Just like the picture below: