Steps To Become A Good Data Scientist

With the increase in usage of big data across all industries the rise of data analytics is justified. Effective data analysis leads to product development, higher customer retention, and better business opportunities – everything an organization wants. It’s no surprise that this is the hottest job in the market today. While doing an MBA in Data Analytics will provide management level job opportunities, there are other skills that an aspiring data scientist requires.

Develop a Love For Big Data

Since data scientists have to handle huge amounts of data, they rely on big data softwares like Hadoop, MapReduce, or Spark. If you are aspiring to break into this industry, it’s important you are familiar with these tools. If you pursue an MBA in Data Sciences from a top business school you will learn how to use such tools in your programme.


If you want to be a data scientist, you must learn to love and understand the language that data uses to communicate. The writing could be on the wall, but if you don’t understand the words you will not be able to comprehend its meaning. A good data scientist is almost always a good coder.

Real Projects

Being good at data analysis requires practice. Therefore, it’s important you work on real projects. This way you will stay on top of the trends in the industry and also learn how to be a good data scientist.

All in all, along with an MBA in Information Technology or Data Analytics, you must also focus on developing the above mentioned skills.

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