Automotive Capless Device Market: Research Report Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast Opportunities

A capless fuel filler makes refueling your car a lot easier. A capless automotive fueling system has a funnel with a port open to receive a fuel filling nozzle. There’s no need to remove the gas cap before inserting he hose. Instead, the hose has to be directly inserted into the filler. There’s a small spring loaded flap in the filler neck which prevents gas fumes from escaping from the fuel tank. It reduces the fumes because there is no waiting between the times the fuel nozzle is removed and when the fuel tank is sealed. Ford was one of the first manufacturers who introduced capless fuel system in their vehicles. The capless fuel system was interlinked with keyless entry system. When the car’s doors are locked, the capless fuel system gets locked too. This was introduced to reduce the stealing of fuel from cars.

Automotive Cap less Device Market: Drivers & Restraints

The major factors which are boosting the growth of thermo chromic labels market are increasing use of automobiles. Fuel is the most important factor required to run a vehicle, and to store fuel, there’s a need for fuel tank. The increasing use of automobiles across the planet has increased the demand for the capless fuel system. The capless fuel system is a safe way to prevent the fuel from getting stolen, as it only opens when fuel nozzle is inserted into it. It also prevents fuel fumes from escaping which are few of the reasons driving the capless fuel system.

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The growth of capless fuel system is restricted to only automobiles for now as it is not incorporated in other machines which need fuel. While limiting the fuel smell from getting on the hands of the person filling fuel, it can increase the gas smell coming from the vehicle. The anti-siphon feature in the capless device makes the drivers carry special funnel for the times the vehicles run out of fuel and it has to be refilled from a fuel can instead of a pump. The funnel then starts smelling of fuel which when kept in the car trunk, makes it smell like that.

Automotive Cap less Device Market: Market Segmentation

The automotive cap less device is segment into three parts based on application, sales channel and geography. With increased sales of automobile around the world fueling the growth of cap less devices, the manufacturers are setting up different production plants in different regions which can cater to the needs of the consumer. Passenger vehicles are leading in the automotive sector and cap less device acts a perfect blend in the technical advancements made in the automotive sector.

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Based on the application Automotive Cap less Device Market is segmented into:

  • Passenger Vehicles
    • Compact
    • Mid-Sized
    • Premium
    • Luxury
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle

Based on the Sales Channel Automotive Cap less Device Market is segmented into:

  • OEM
  • After market

Automotive Cap less Device Market: Regional Outlook

Regarding geography, Automotive Cap less Device Market has been categorized into seven key regions including North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, APEJ, Japan, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. Automotive Cap less Device Market is expected to register healthy CAGR during the forecast period due to the high demand for automobiles. In terms of regions, Europe accounts for significant share for Automotive Cap less Device Market, owing to the high growth and demand for automobiles in the region as compared to other developed regions. North America region accounts for a healthy share in terms of automotive cap less device primarily used in automobiles. The passenger car in the region is anticipated to further add value to the Automotive Cap less Device Market in the region.

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In terms of developing region of Asia-Pacific, the growth of the capless device is significantly high and with comparatively high CAGR in forecast period owed to factors such as such as rapid economic development, globalization and increasing demand of the capless device in automotive industry and its sub-verticals. In addition, Over the forecast period, Asia-Pacific market for is anticipated to grow significantly owing to the growth of automotive industry in the region. Overall, the ****** market for the capless device is expected to grow significantly by the end of forecast period. Automotive Cap less Device Market for MEA is also expected to witness rapid growth during the forecast period primarily attributed to the growth of the automotive market and increasing usage of the capless device in GCC and South Africa.

Automotive Cap less Device Market: Key Players

Few of the key players in the market include, Toyoda Gosei, Stant, ITW, Ford. Ford being the pioneer of the cap less device, leads the market. Increase in the consumers looking for convenience has also driven the cap less device market up front

Few players identified in Automotive Cap less Device Market are:-

  • Toyoda Gosei
  • Stant
  • ITW
  • Ford
  • Gerdes GmbH Kerpen