‘Frozen’ The Musical Is A Must See Recommendation for Everyone

“Frozen” the Musical has captivated everyone’s hearts with its icy glow over the stage however the efforts put in by the character don’t go unnoticed. With Jennifer Lee’s Script and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez’s 12 new songs made frozen the musical somewhat new but still linked with the movie. The main character that put the most emphasis on the play is Blue cladded embodiment of Elsa. Somehow they have created the play so that there is been more added to Elsa than there was in the movie. Caissie Levy played Elsa revealing her compassionate heart and love for her people in a most talented way to show the world what Elsa truly is like.

In the play when levy sings “Dangerous to Dream,” as Elsa she portrays the fear and self-doubt within Elsa’s heart. The fear to lose face or to cause a disaster in Elsa became evident by Levy’s Performance. As the show progresses it is shown how Elsa puts up the fight against the world which is unknown to her as a queen as well as the holder of such magnificent power.

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And as she sings “I’m dangerous just standing here / for everyone to see,” retells us how fearful Elsa is to make a mistake or to reveal her insecurities. She possesses power and the most leading lady of the town she must not mess up or all the fingers will point to only her. For that reason, she must be careful not to show her weaknesses to anyone.


Frozen The Musical Tickets

This fear and the strict way of life that Elsa didn’t volunteer for has been portrayed beautifully by Levy’s Performance. She represented her fear to control her power not too much to intimidate anyone but powerful enough to keep her status intact. For not, all are the well-wishers and there are some waiting to make it their own.

This is where the actual villain of the play comes in John Riddle portraying Prince Hans is the most endearing yet greed filled character seen in the play. When Riddle sings “Hans of the Southern Isles,” recently after bumping into Anna who’s been played by Patti Murin, he represents a strong but gentlest of character to snatch Anna’s heart. The way Riddles played him makes you also want to believe in his humanity and innocence.

But soon the true intentions are revealed breaking pure and fragile Anna’s Heart. Patti Murin perfectly depicted the warm and caring Anna. Her humor in each moment makes you hurl with laughter no matter which age group you belong to.

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Here Jelani Alladin as sturdy and charming Kristoff helps her with all his might. In a song “What Do You Know About Love,” a duet between Anna and Kristoff, Murin’s High-pitched but heartfelt voice and Alladin’s annoyed tone brings the best humor & richness to the performance. Overall the play is fantastic and undoubtedly a must see. No matter what age group you belong to you will enjoy every last bit of it.