Borrow Up to $50,000 CAD On Car Title Loan — Lowest Interest Rate ( 10% to 49% APR)

A car title loans is basically a cash title loan that can be used during the emergency. A title loan is sanctioned within a day with minimum formalities. The applicant needs to submit the relevant documents such as identity proof, age proof, address proof, clear title on your car, both collision and comprehensive insurance on your vehicle to get the loan sanctioned quickly. Applicant has to remember that vehicle must have both registered and insured on his name.

Generally, the process of these types of loans is easy and hassle free. The nature of the car title loan is such that people with bad credit history can also apply for the loan. If you already rejected from the banks even then you can get a loan.

Car lender companies offer you Car Title loans with high interest rates (29.99% to 55% APR) as compared to Loan Center Canada. They will provide you title loan with loan repayment terms from 61 days to 72 months which keeps your monthly payments as low as $68/month and also you can borrow up To CAD 50,000. If you repay loan amounts on time than it will definitely help you to boost up your credit score.