ContactPigeon announces Push Notification Automation to nail eCommerce conversions

NEW YORK, September 2018


ContactPigeon, the award-winning eCommerce marketing automation solution with over 200 clients in the US and Europe introduced Push Notification Automation as the latest addition in its feature offering

With the latest release, eCommerce businesses can further boost the reach of their marketing messages automatically via:

  • Cart Abandonment push notifications
  • Price Drop Reminder push notifications
  • Browse Abandonment push notifications

The result is better conversions and higher sales.


A study that ContactPigeon conducts across a number of retail brands showed that consumers have a higher tendency to opt-in to push notifications than subscribing to email marketing.  Less than 20% of the devices which opted-in to a brand’s Push Notifications have also provided an associated email. Push Notification Automation allows eCommerce brands to create a new dimension on List Building by greatly increasing its traditional, email-bound limits.


The new feature is already available on the ContactPigeon platform and the full insights and findings of the study are going to be released by the end of 2018.


Read the official announcement here:


About ContactPigeon:

ContactPigeon is an all-in-one marketing automation startup specializing in eCommerce. ContactPigeon offers a suite of sophisticated features that allows eCommerce business owners to react with personalized triggered campaigns, so as to maximize their sales. ContactPigeon offers one-click integration to Shopify, BigCommmerce, WooCommerce and others. Founded in 2014, ContactPigeon has raised funds from VentureFriends VC and is trusted by brands like L’OREAL, THE BODY SHOP, ABB, and others.It has been named as a Rising Star for 2018 by Finances Online while it has also been featured in SmartInsights, NGData, and TNW.