Discover All About Money And Your Life with Financial Astrology

The complexities of future have always been a matter of fascination for mankind. Often individuals are concerned to know their matrimonial prospects or curious to recognize job opportunities. The issues of wealth and health have attracted us for ages. For the unanswered questions and intricate riddles of life, you can turn toward astrology.

At Higher Self Communications, with Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D. discover Astrology & Archetypal Therapy. One of its branches is financial astrology that deals with the wealth problems and financial status of one’s life. It concerns the monetary success of an individual. With Stephanie Jourdan you can get answers to queries related to financial stability.

Stephanie’s private practice in Woodland Hills encompasses astrology, archetypal astrology & therapy and tarot. She is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers. She is listed in Who’s Who in America for her contributions in hypnotherapy pertaining to immune disorders.

Questions following a reading or in-between readings are answered by Stephanie via Sheri Buron. You can call Sheri at 818-340-4099 and explain what you need to know. She will meet with Stephanie in between astrology reading that week and write down answers while Stephanie looks at your chart. Then, Sheri can either return your call with the answers or email them to you.

KC McGuinness, Owner, Mystic Celt Creations, Northridge, CA says, “Every once in a while you stumble upon someone who is gifted. Every so often their talent outweighs their spirit. Once in a lifetime you meet a person who is gifted, talented, with a great spirit, who just happens to be a really terrific human being! Thank you for enriching my life in so many ways.”

For medical astrology to know your health condition consult Stephanie and your case can be identified with the help of medical astrology. Harmonious balance in between spirit, health of body and mind is very essential for a healthy living. Your horoscope is nothing but a blueprint of you overall body, reflecting the interaction of an individual’s body, spirit and mind.

About Higher Self Communications:

Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D., Diane Griggs-Ross and Shanti Jourdan offer remarkable astrological readings, which are available by telephone or by email. Fees are pro-rated accordingly for astrological readings under or over an hour.

Where you are on your birthday impacts the whole year that follows. Stephanie, Diane or Shanti can run your solar return chart for your upcoming birthday and let you know where you need to be for optimal success, health, wealth or love!

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