Sunmoy Technology Becomes China’s Premier Provider of Water Well Drilling Rigs for Various Different Uses


(August 4, 2018): When it comes to water drilling machinery, the manner in which they are manufactured can have a major impact in their overall performance. This is why a lot of the machines that are commonly used nowadays not only end up disappointing the people who use them, but also end up reminding them how the current situation of the market is not perfect when it comes to water well drilling rigs and water drilling machines.

However, there is one company that has managed to complete change the manner in which water well drilling occurs as a result of their amazing machinery. This is Sunmoy, who provide a complete list of stunning new products that not only ensure that the drilling is done in a manner that is effective, but also quite reliable and affordable. Some of their featured products include the SHD260D Diesel Engine and the RCD500 Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig.

Their impressive quality has also netted them a number of customers all across China and in other countries. Many people who have tried and used their great rigs simply cannot go back to the other ones that they utilized before. The quality, effectiveness and the cost of their products is simply on a realm of its own, and as such, if anyone wants a proper water well drilling rig or machine, they should consider checking into Sunmoy’s collection.

They also provide a trailer mounted drilling rig that has become quite a famous option for their customers. That being said, their designs have truly become one of the premier choices of the people in China because of their industrial, residential and agricultural uses.

About Sunmoy:
SUNMOY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 2008. Their company specializes in manufacturing portable water well drilling rig for industrial, residential and agricultural application. They design and engineer portable drilling rigs for our customers and distributors World Wide. Sunmoy offer drilling solutions specifically designed and built for power and portability, providing access to some of the most remote locations on Earth.

They utilize in-house parts manufacturing, greatly reducing production costs and resulting in higher quality products that stand up to the most demanding drilling applications. And each drill is thoroughly tested and shipped under the control of a highly skilled technician, ensuring the product arrives in tact and provides years of hassle-free drilling productivity.

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