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SBI Share Price

SBI is the largest public-sector lending bank. The stock prices of SBI are booming lately, but the bank keeps incurring losses. The reason for the ever-increasing stock prices and a large number of Non-Performing Assets(NPS) which result in a high level of loss is bad loans. The Chairman of State Bank of India, Rajnish Kumar targets the SBI share price to go up by 2020 and plans on reducing the amount of NPA down to 6% by then. This optimistic view also comes from the fact that the SBI share price has been shooting up irrespective of the bottlenecks faced by the bank.

How can you purchase shares of SBI

Shares of SBI can be purchased from NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) in India. Details regarding the stock price, PE ratio, previous closings and other metrics that could help in judging the SBI stock can be found on BSE and NSE-India website. SBI stocks are also listed on the London Stock Exchange. SBI is also listed on the Benchmark Indices of India like BSE Sensex and Nifty.

Where to invest: Stocks or Mutual Funds?

Investing in the stock market requires you to have the accurate knowledge of the trends and a lot of research has to be done to infer the best stock where you can invest. It’s easier to invest in mutual funds since such investments do not require you to have a vast knowledge of the market. Also, compared to stocks, mutual funds involve a substantially lower level of risk. If you’re risk-averse and have less time to spare to learn the tactics of the stock market, then we suggest you to invest in mutual funds.

It is important to note that the opinion presented in this post is just an observation of the market trends and cannot be considered as professional advice.

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