Swimming towel – your ultimate travel companion

Swimming towel – your ultimate travel companion

Swimming towels have become exceedingly popular among athletes, sports people, travellers, and generally everyone these days. This is because they come with some great features. Some of the most prominent features of a swimming towel include:
* Soft texture and ease of cleanliness
* Fast absorbing and quick drying properties
* Snap loop hanging feature
* Smart, portable packaging
* Multipurpose
* Durability

Why should you invest in a microfiber travel towel?
If you are travelling, you must have realized the importance of carrying a good-quality sports towel with you. This is because ordinary towels soak water and become heavy and bulky due to water retention. And when travelling, adding more weight is the last thing that you’d think about.
Therefore, it is best to invest some money in a microfiber travel towel. This type of towel is super absorbent and has a range of other qualities which is not found in other types of towels. Here are some reasons why you should buy one before going to travel.

1. They have great absorbency
Towels made up of the microfiber material are known for being super absorbent. Whether you want to use it after a shower, a swimming session, or after gym, these towels will make your body dry immediately.

The best part is that it will also be very effective for long hair, as wrapping the microfiber travel towel on your head for a few minutes will be enough to absorb all the excess water. So, if you are on a holiday and in a hurry to head out, you wouldn’t need to waste precious minutes drying your hair anymore.

After wiping your head with this towel, your hair will still be slightly damp as it’s natural, but no water will drip from your hair anymore. What else can you want when going to travel?

2. Soft texture
As against a normal towel that can get coarse with the passage of time and irritate your skin when you use it on sensitive parts of your body, like your face or neck, a microfiber travel towel has an extremely soft texture. It feels great against your skin and you don’t even need to rub it on your skin at all. A light patting will efficiently do the job and will feel great on your skin.

3. Easy to clean
Unlike a normal towel, a swimming towel is very easy to clean. You can just wash it normally with your hand or in a washing machine below 60 degrees C. If washing by hand, wringing it will do the job and then you can air dry the towel.

It’s better to wash it separately and not with other fabrics – especially cotton – because your microfiber travel towel will catch lint from other fabrics easily and that will reduce its efficiency. Moreover, unlike other towels, your swimming towel will not color bleed or fade out.

4. Scratch-free
A swimming towel has an excellent finish and comes with soft, silk-banded edges which makes the towel 100 per cent scratch-free. Traditional towels are usually bound with cotton at the edges which makes them vulnerable to scratching.

5. Snap loop for easy hanging
These towels come with a snap loop which is designed to easily hang the towel anywhere you want. No more rolling it up or worrying about carrying your towel in your hands when going out.

Also, you wouldn’t have to keep your towel on any surfaces because keeping them on the floor or even a shelf or table when you are in public can increase the changes of your towel to attract germs.

6. Portable
Because these towels are so lightweight, they are extremely portable and can be carried anywhere you like. They can easily be kept in your hand luggage when you are going travelling and also in your sports bag or backpack when you are going out. No more pain in the shoulders that is caused by carrying heavy backpacks. Your swimming towel is so light that you won’t even feel that it’s stuffed in your bag.

7. Smart packaging
Gone are the days when you’d have to carry at least two plastic bags with you to the pool, the gym or the beach to keep your towel in so that other things in your bag wouldn’t get damp because of your damp towel.

A swimming towel is your best travelling companion as it comes in a smart, super lightweight pouch which is not only compact, but it also has a very practical design. It has a portable mesh at the bottom which allows air to freely flow into the bag.

This allows the towel to dry up superfast and also prevents any kind of odor to build up in the towel. The pouch comes with a drawstring closure which is easy to open and close as against zips which either break or get stuck in the towel.

8. Multipurpose
Although this towel is made for travelling, it is so versatile that it can be used anywhere you like. You can take it with you while travelling when you are going to the gym, on your trip to the beach, for hiking, backpacking and camping.

9. Durable
Unlike traditional towels that fade out, get coarse, and start shedding towel everywhere, the swimming towel is extremely durable and is guaranteed to last a long time. It is slightly pricier than your conventional towel, but it is definitely worth the price and you will not regret your purchase.

Moreover, there are also cheap swimming towels available in the market which will do a good job temporarily but will soon lose its absorbency. So, instead of wasting money to buy a new towel, again and again, making a one-time investment into a high-quality swimming towel will be definitely worth it.

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