Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Market Analysis, Size and Growth till 2023

A soft tissue injury is the damage of ligaments, muscles and tendons of hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joint. A soft tissue injury usually occurs from a strain, sprain and continuous use of a particular part of the body and it can result in swelling, pain, bruising and loss of function. To cure soft tissue injury, the soft tissue repair procedure is used. On any soft tissue injury, Protection Rest Ice Compression Elevation (PRICE) principle should be immediately applied to minimize the soft tissue damage and to reduce inflammation caused by it. One of the methods to diagnose soft tissue damage is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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On the basis of surgeries, the global orthopedic soft tissue repair market can be broadly segmented as vaginal prolapse, achilles tendinosis repair, lateral epicondylitis, rotator cuff repair, anterior cruciate ligament and gluteal tendon. On the basis of applications, the global orthopedic soft tissue repair market can be broadly bifurcated as hernia repair, dental, dural repair, skin repair, vaginal sling procedures and breast reconstruction repair.

North America had the largest share in global orthopedic soft tissue repair market in 2014, attributed to the increase in sports injury cases due to high share of sports activity in this region. Development of more advanced and useful soft tissue repair procedures in this region is one of the other important driving factors for soft tissue repair market in the region. Developed markets of west are heading towards maturity, and the growth is mainly anticipated from the developing countries of Asia-Pacific region. The growth in disposable income coupled with rising health consciousness among the middle class consumers is one of the major drivers for soft tissue repair market in Asia-Pacific region.

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Some of the major competitors of the global orthopedic soft tissue repair market are Lifecell Corporation, Johnson & Johnson Services Inc., Smith & Nephew PLC, C.R Bard Inc., Wright Medical, Covidien PLC, Lifenet Health Inc., American Medical Systems Inc., Arthrex Inc., and Integra Lifesciences Corporation.

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