Prestige House Call Doctors Los Angeles Offers One-On-One Treatment and Personalized Treatment Plans

Plantation, FL ( ) July 07, 2018 – Prestige House Call offers high quality 24-hour house call doctor service for patients in and around Los Angeles. They now promise a one-on-one treatment with consultations that are likely to last for 45 minutes to an hour. The team, managed by Dr. Ryan Herbert specializes in general healthcare emergencies like respiratory ailments, eye and ear infections, skin rashes, sports or travel related injuries, traveler’s diarrhea, and more.

“Besides general healthcare, we also offer prescription refills and administer vaccines. We also offer to undertake medical tests like ultrasound, EKGs, Rapid Strep, and tests for influenza, UTI, and other infections. Our team provides individual treatment without having to worry about hospital secretaries, nurses, or ambulances,” says a spokesperson for Prestige House Calls.

Patients who are visiting Los Angeles and traveling without health insurance can contact a Prestige house call doctor for general health problems without having to wait at the ER, or pay hundreds of dollars at an urgent care center. It is also ideal for people who cannot travel, or worry about catching an infection while in the waiting room. “We keep necessary prescriptions and accurate medical records, including oral medications, injections, vaccines, and other treatments,” adds the spokesperson.

The doctors travel with their medical kit that includes a stethoscope, otoscope, nebulizer, antibiotics, ear and eye drops, medicines for allergic reactions, and treatment for food poisoning. “We also carry anti-inflammatory agents, vaccines, and other medicines,” he adds.

About Prestige House Calls:

Prestige House Calls is a team of Doctors who make house calls in and around Los Angeles. They are perfect for people who need urgent medical care but do not want to visit the ER or an urgent care center.

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