Branded Health supplement is popular among Indians

The irony of India is people prefer branded products from clothes to food supplements and they trust more foreign brands rather than Indian brands. The reason behind this is good marketing of the products, a ratio of nutritional herbs in a product, and their belief in their own products attract Indians but foreign food supplements. If we talk about athletes, they need good concentration, training, and diet—these things are a most essential thing for a sportsperson to become best in their field. Now the question is do athletes prefer Indian food supplement or prefer foreign supplements.

Nutrition in India

The good, healthy, and balanced supplement food in India is very expensive. A rickshaw puller or a labor spends Rs 50 just for drinking adulterated milk. Why is said adulterated milk—a recent test was done in Jaipur by food safety and standards authority of India proved that 76%b of all the milk samples are adulterated. In 400 liters of milk, more than 100 liters contaminations are mixed with detergent, fat, soda, and urea besides adding water. A lot of adulteration cases comes up daily—this leads to disbelief in Indian food supplements too.

Food Supplements Manufacturing in India

As youngsters like bodybuilding—it has created the idea of developing bodybuilding supplements. Athletes who are not getting enough nutrition from the natural food opt this supplement for bodybuilding and muscles growth. These companies market their products in grand level but the fact is, most of the branded health supplements are fake because there is no regulatory body in India to monitor these companies. This is the main reason people buy foreign supplement as they think about their health and career.

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