All Natural Products – Swaas Products

All Natural Products – Swaas Products

Swaas products are truly a breath of fresh air and natural products. Our products are created to provide safe and healthy lifestyle. All of our energy and passion goes into formulating and creating the finest natural products free of harmful chemicals.

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Our Products:

  1. All Natural Air Freshener

  2. Natural All Purpose Cleaner

  3. Natural Deodorising Powder

  4. Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate

All Natural Air Freshener:


Smells are all over in our home and generally, they don’t seem to be too recent. What to try to with a room that smells like it’s jam-packed with fish and garlic? And unneeded to say, a restroom that does not smell sort of a bouquet of roses?

Before reaching for an air thing that will contain doubtless harmful ingredients to you and therefore the planet (and affirmative, even a number of the questionable “natural” air fresheners are a priority as well), take a deep breath and think about using a homemade, inexperienced different.

Here are the highest inexperienced air thing concepts and recipes that are straightforward, cost-friendly, effective, and use straightforward ingredients usually found in your room buttery. a couple of might need a visit to the shop, however, they’re worthwhile, therefore you’ve got available what you wish to battle unhealthy smells and keep your home smelling recent. Swaas provides the Best Natural Air freshener these Products are eco friendly and naturally.


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Natural All Purpose Cleaner:

All-Purpose Cleaner (concentrate) disinfects and deodorizes in one easy step, leaving a fresh scent behind.All Purpose Cleaner is highly concentrated and multi-tasking.Plant-derived suractants and natural absolute blend of essential and fragrance oils to provide potency.

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Natural Deodorising Powder:


Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of powder per square foot on area to be deodorized.

Key Areas :Can be effectively used on beds, upholstery, carpet, bedpans, medical waste disposal pails, garbage cans, soiled diapers, urine bags etc. to eliminate unpleasant odours. Simply sprinkle and smell the difference!


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Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate:


Simply add 100ml of the concentrate to bucket (10L) of water for floors and add 10ml to spray bottle (100ml) for spray cleaner.

Key Areas : Can be used to disinfect and clean floors, bathrooms, toilet bowls, glass surfaces, tiles, etc.


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