What Travel Management Companies Can Learn from Leisure Booking Practices?

Online booking system for corporates and enterprises, although a mandate, still offer extremely limited choices, higher rates, antiquated technology and not so convenient user interface. This is the reason many corporate clients get frustrated and book outside the approved tools provided

The expectation to have an easy booking experience with adequate choices are being torn apart by the high quality user friendly tools that they can use while booking for leisure tourism.

Reports suggest that more than half of corporate clients choose not to book through portals designed for corporate bookings. One of the prime reason for such poor figures is the lack of a travel policy. Online travel booking and travel management is still not taken as seriously as it should by now. Another legit reason can be that the company’s policy requires the employees to book only through a specified agency or use a specific portal. Furthermore, even those that have tools say that they book half or more of the business travel without even using those tools.

The ability to get better prices and way more choices in terms of accommodation are the two prime reasons for business travellers to book off channels.

Another reason can be that regular business travellers may find better rates when they book directly with the hotel online hotel booking sites or through an online travel agency due to their constant deals and cash backs going on.

Hence, for travel management companies for business and enterprises to become successful and run smoothly, they first need to build a strong backup support and customer handling. There also has to be a way to reduce costs and offer higher margins and competitive rates as to what a client gets when he books off the system.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12716656-what-travel-management-companies-can-learn-from-leisure-booking-practices.html

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