Guidelines for Perfect Flower Planting

Flower planting

Have you tried to plant some flower but couldn’t successful? Do not worry! If you think you are so busy, that doesn’t mean you cannot grow flowers. Here are a few tips for you. Get ready to plant like a pro…

Select Your Container:

You might think that you should first consider starting with flowers but we recommend starting with the container. You need to be creative before starting! Traditional flower pot, recycled Mason jar, fish bowl, light bulb, tea tin you can consider as a container. Remember you should choose such container that holds your own style.

Identify Plants

Once you choose your container next thing you should choose your plants. For instance, if you select a clay pot then try you can try plants like geraniums and petunias. They can grow in clay pots. If you choose a small container then you can plants which don’t grow very fast or so quickly.

Do Some Soil Examination

The soil is very critical for your plants because this will sustain the growth of your plants. Depending on which plant you have chosen, the normal soil might not be enough for you. Do some little research that which soil would be perfect for you or specific fertilizer proportion you need to mix up with your topsoil.

Find out Your Limitation:

You need to find out what is your limitation is? If you are very busy then don’t go with the flower which needs much nurturing. You can go with succulent or cactus. These types of plants can survive without much care.

Find a Place to Put You Plants:

Finally, you need a place to put your plants. Keep it on your work desk or the corner of your room, the center of your dining table, in a window bed or in your garden. Just take some time to think about how you can improve your little space area with an amazing plant.

Still, confuse for planting? Here are some low-maintenance plants you can start with:

Tillandsia: This is a special air plant that needs no soil, and can grow vivid pink bracts

Echeveria: This is a succulent that grows in different colors with a glamorous flower configuration.

Snake plant: The leaves of this plant can grow straight up in a ribbon-like and wavy way.

Pothos: Pothos is a fast-growing flower that is good for hanging from high areas. The leaves of this plant can spread out over its container.

Philodendron: This is another household plant. It grows with big heart-shaped leaves.

Aloe: Aloe Vera is a succulent that is used in many medicinal recoveries. The leaves of this plant are plump and having a soothing gel that can soothe the skin.

Hosta: Hosta is a shade-resistant plant that can grow to very large size.

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