How we Build Enterprise Applications 10 Times Faster

HokuApps is a Rapid Application Development Platform that creates and sends custom innovation for endeavors at 10 times quicker than customary stages. While the customary technique for application advancement is making applications starting with no outside help, the HokuApps innovation stage makes applications on its robotized stage.

This bleeding edge innovation enables organizations to run computerized with arrangements that are moderate, dependable and secure.

How we Build Enterprise Applications 10 Times Faster

HokuApps adopts a 90-10 strategy to creating custom applications. 90% of the applications are produced on the computerized stage, while the staying 10% is customization of the application on a business-level to suit a business’ interesting biological community. Customizations ensure that the application works pair with the business’ exceptional work process.

The procedure goes this way:

The Rapid App Development Platform is robotized. The stage contains a profound library of pre-arranged business modules to suit any sort of business and necessity.

Once the correct module is picked, it is coordinated with segments from a profound library that is pre-associated by means of an in-assembled connector to catch any/all one of a kind business needs that may be required. The library itself contains in excess of 500 parts like GPS following, maps, installments and such.

Robotization discredits the requirement for testing and computerization levels with zero mistakes in coding while at the same time shortening time-to-showcase by 10 times. The stage naturally makes applications for iOS, Android, and the Web. HokuApps does not have to make isolate innovation for every OS stage. Furthermore, the Hoku Apps stage additionally offers a Design Studio with many UI mockups, made according to rules proposed by Apple and Google.

Custom Mobile App Development and Backend

By giving an adaptable layer of mechanization and customization of the answers for tailor-make the applications to suit with client organization backend to suit hierarchical chain of command, HokuApps gives 100% custom versatile applications innovation in days or weeks and not months.

HokuApps obliges a full scope of Rapid Application Development needs:

1. Endeavor Administration Backend

The HokuApps stage assembles endeavor versatility arrangements, where all arrangements manufactured naturally have a portable view and a web backend, which incorporates a granular announcing motor and dashboards, completely configurable and adjustable client organization for any hierarchical chain of importance.

2. Correspondence Framework

The HokuApps stage has an inbuilt correspondence system that can be joined into any arrangement based on the stage. The motor empowers continuous business visit and a notice structure, which are a fundamental piece of any venture portability arrangement.

3. Undertaking Security and Infrastructure Framework

The HokuApps stage offers a hearty and versatile foundation with best-in-class endeavor security highlights. Arrangements based on the stage consequently buy in to these security highlights.

Effect of Rapid Application Development

Effect of Rapid application improvement incorporates:

10x Faster App Development – A robotized layer (Rapid Application Development Platform) enables HokuApps to abridge the requirement for coding starting with no outside help. Therefore, lessening time-to-market to days or weeks.

Solid Technology Platform – Automation means unwavering quality as coding is sans mistake (zero likelihood of human blunders). There is no requirement for testing as modules are pre-arranged.

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