Canadian Franchise Magazine Shares Free Issues with Online Readers

Canadian Franchise Magazine makes all its recent issues available to its readers on its website.

Canada, 15th June, 2018

The Internet has made free information possible in a time when everything comes for a price. Then there are some entrepreneurs who come forth to take this idea to even greater lengths. Canadian Franchise Magazine, a product of CGB Publishing, is one such name. On its website, the company uploads all its recent issues for its readers to peruse for free. A very popular Canadian franchise magazine among readers of all age groups, Canadian Franchise makes its digital editions available online for the interests of those readers who do not want to miss any issue in times when buying one is difficult.

The magazine issues are available cover to cover on the website of Canadian Franchise Magazine at Under the latest issues, visitors can find the most recent issue along with those published before that. On choosing an issue, the magazine opens in an online reader which offers a comprehensive view of the magazine. With easy-to-use functions such as sliders, zooming options and a finder, the reader works on both big and small screens. The view can be adjusted to whatever size suits. All available issues can thus be enjoyed online without paying anything.

For its readers, the magazine also offers a free app which brings the Canadian Franchise Magazine issues closer to everyone. With the help of a free app, the readers can now access all editions with best small-screen compatibility on their phones. The app is available for free in the Android and iOS app stores. The Canadian Franchise Magazine app is compatible with most OSs. Further, the company makes its issues available on three other sites, namely, Pocketmags, Magamall and Treemags, all of which are magazine platforms with great screen-friendly readers and user-friendly interfaces.

The magazine also has a franchise directory Canada which accumulates all news and updates from the franchise industry with coast to coast coverage. Listings of all the top opportunities available in Canada are collected and featured in the directory. The Canadian Franchise Directory is particularly helpful for those who are looking for directories in order to gain the names and contacts of franchisors. In addition to the lists, the directories also contain inside information about the industry which is hard to come by for someone on the outside.

Offering an overall view of the franchise systems in Canada presents a comprehensive package of information which touches down on all current and timeless topics, discussing everything you need to know in detail. To add weight to its content, the magazine brings in voices of industry experts with whom the editors analyze franchise industry matters helping the readers understand and experience business better.

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About the Company

Canadian Franchise Magazine is a guiding force for people hoping to try their hand at business by investing a modest amount. The company not only offers the use of a franchise directory that helps the prospective franchisees to find their perfect opportunity but also helps them with timely information via its newsletter, as well as offers professional advice by the masters of the trade. Canadian Franchise Magazine is a digital publication available online and on the go by means of its mobile App.

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