Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Market ANALYSIS REPORT |CAGR 20% BY 2022

****** Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market is expected to experience significant growth during the forecast period:

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Due to the increasing demand for ****** energy and rise in need for fuel to support the needs of the growing world population, there is increased requirement for oil to satisfy the demand. Recent fluctuations in the oil prices and demand for cost effective and environmentally safe oil recovery process are extremely crucial for the oil industry to meet the growing demand. MEOR are extremely cost effective, proven technologies that can result in enhanced oil recovery from the aging ****** oil infrastructure wells. The micro-organisms are introduced into the wells and they improve the oil recovery by releasing gases and increasing the pressure of the wells. They also reduce the viscosity of the oil by breaking the heavier molecules into smaller chain molecules. This results in easy recovery of oil from aging oil wells and increase their operating life span and thereby reducing capital investment compared to conventional projects.

Key Players

The key players of ****** Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Markets are Statoil ASA (Norway), BP (U.K), Titan Oil Recovery, Inc. (U.S), Chemiphase Ltd, (U.K), Genome Prairie (Canada), Glori Energy Inc.(U.S), and E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (U.S.).


1          Executive Summary

2    Research Methodology

2.1   Scope of the Study

2.1.1     Definition

2.1.2     Research Objective

2.1.3     Assumptions

2.1.4     Limitations

2.2   Research Process

2.2.1     Primary Research

2.2.2     Secondary Research

2.3   Market size Estimation

2.4   Forecast Model


3          Market Dynamics

3.1   Market Drivers

3.2   Market Inhibitors

3.3   Supply/Value Chain Analysis

3.4   Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

4 ****** Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Market, By Injection Type

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Cyclic Injection

4.3 Microbial Flooding

4.4 Feeding Existing Bacteria

Market Research Analysis

Currently, North America is expected to maintain its high market for MEOR process. This is mainly due to the fact that many operational trials and projects have been carried out in the region specifically in U.S. and Canada. Similarly, Middle East & Africa remains a very significant market since it comprises of many aging oil wells due to high level of oil extraction activities in the region over the past decade. The export of oil and gas to the from the Middle East countries to Asia-Pacific countries such as China and India where the demand for energy and fuel is high is driving the market for enhanced oil recovery. In the same way, the marker is expected to be driven by the oil recovery projects in European regions.

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Advantages of using MEOR process in residual oil recovery

Microbial enhanced oil recovery is the process of using microorganisms in a reservoir to improve oil recovery. This is mainly done to extract the residual oil from the oil reservoirs with low cost and reduced impact on environment. One of the primary applications of MEOR process is the production of bio-surfactants which is capable of reducing the surface and interfacial tension between liquids, solids and gases. This allows the mix or to disperse readily as emulsions in water or other liquids. These bio-surfactants are non-toxic and bio degradable. Also they are extremely capable of performing at high temperatures or pH when compared to their chemical counterparts. They also have application in agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, detergents, personal care products, food processing, textile manufacturing, laundry supplies, metal treatment and processing, pulp and paper processing and paint industries.

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