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Cenospheres are referred to as hollow spheres made from silica, alumina along with air or any inert gas fillings. These are the by-products of coal combustion occurring in thermal power plants. These hollow spheres possess an average compressive strength of over 3,000 psi and occur in sizes varying from one to 500 microns. The presence of properties such as hardness, insulation, waterproof, and rigidity make these spheres useful in applications that include fillers in polymers, cements, and metals to make tiles, antistatic coatings in paints, composite materials, fabrics, conductive coatings, and electromagnetic shielding. Burning of coal that consists of ceramic particles such as silica and alumina in thermal power plants result in the production of cenospheres.

The cenospheres showcases characteristics such as high particle strength, low water absorption, ultra low density, low thermal conductivity, resistance to acids, thereby rendering them useful in refining properties of finished consumer products. Initially, these cenospheres were used as extender for plastic compounds owing to their compatibility with latex, epoxies, urethanes, phenolic resins, thermoplastics, polyesters, and plastisols. Additionally, it is also used in marine craft bodies, specialty cements, insulations, building materials, synthetic foams, fire and heat protection devices, paints, automobile bodies, and sports equipment.

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The ****** cenospheres market is segmented on the basis of type, end-user industry and regions. Based on the type, the ****** cenospheres market is divided into gray cenospheres, and white cenospheres. On the basis of end-user industry, the ****** cenospheres market is divided into refractory, construction, oil & gas, automotive, and paints & coatings.

The ****** cenospheres market is expected to grow in the forecast years owing to the rise in its application areas along with abundant availability of raw materials from existing as well as new thermal power plants. Rise in the end user market applications such as automotive, recreation, ceramics, plastic, construction, and energy and technology will further propel the market demand for cenospheres.

Based on regions, the ****** cenospheres market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Latin America. The North America commands the maximum share in the cenospheres market and is expected to be the swiftest growing market, owing to an increased demand for cenospheres from end-user industries such as the oil & gas and automotive industries present in this region.

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The cenospheres market in Asia-Pacific region is set to register major growth during the forecast period, owing to numerous technological innovations and the presence of major manufacturers of cenospheres in this region. The growing demand from emerging economies like, China, India, and South Korea is estimated to further enable the growth of the cenospheres market.

The major companies that provide cenospheres include Omya AG, Scotash Limited, Petra India Group, Cenosphere India Pvt. Ltd., Ceno Technologies, PR Energy Pvt. Ltd., Qingdao Eastchem Inc., Envirospheres, Durgesh Merchandise Pvt. Ltd., and Reslab Microfiller among others.

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