Global Construction Robots Market Expected Revenue, Industry Share, Development Stages, and Landscape- Forecast to 2025

Industry Analysis

Construction Robots market is dedicated to develop leading-edge robots and affordable automation equipment for the construction sector. The robots are equipped with predefined programs and sensors to execute various industrial processes such as mining, prefabrication of components, facility management, recycling, rehabilitation, and material production. A new development surge has led to Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) approaches for pre-fabricated concrete parts of walls, roofs, and ceilings.

The practice of robotic technology in pre-cast concrete element production has resulted in improved quality of products with least wastage from factories owing to computer assisted programming.. The computer assisted engineering and planning provides the essential data for the production of elevation sections, HVAC plans, architectural designs of floors, and structural calculation. For instance, portal robots used as formwork robots which are further transformed into installation robots designed for electrical cabling operations of construction buildings.

Robotics is rapidly implementing in construction sector owing to high complexity of construction processes & stagnated traditional machineries. Engineers, architects, other experts have to be integrated to adopt naïve technologies such as Computer Integrated Constructions (CIC) which will help the robots to work more appropriately and effectively. Also, the replacement of labors and workers with robots will further eradicate the danger in construction sites and will offer productivity, quality and safer work environment. With rapid transformation in the sector, robots are preferred for dangerous, repetitive and laborious jobs such as bricklaying & paving.

Top Industry Players:

Prominent players in the industry are Brokk AB, Alpine Electronics, Conjet AB, TopTec Spezialmaschinen GmbH, Construction Robotic, Husqvarna, Giant Hydraulic Tech, Shimizu Construction, Cazza Construction Technologies, Fujita Corporation, and Beijing Borui Intelligent Control Technology.

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Market Highlights:

Traditional robots, wearable robots and robotic arms are commonly used robots technology in the market. Various climbing robots are also utilized for skyscrapers, bridge and for maintaining the highways. For instance, Traffic Marshal Robot with motorized hand movement developed by PN Safety Industries has been installed for road safety purposes.

The growth of the market is solely dependent upon the level of construction activities taking place globally. Owing to rapid urbanization, demand for mega structures and high quality infrastructure has increased the potential growth of the industry. Few other factors spurring the industry includes increased efficiency, high quality of work, improved working conditions, longer working hours performed by robots. Moreover, shortage of skilled labors and rising robotics start-ups worldwide has positively influenced the market growth. Although, high capital costs involvement, lack of expertise & experienced companies, and certain limitation of robots over humans crafts hurdles for the sector expansion.

Market Segments:

The global construction robots market is segmented on product type and application type.

On the basis of products, the product market is segmented as demolition robots, building robots and other. Other segment includes remote control rescue robot, arm-shaped robot, and security robots. Based on application, construction robots industry is majorly used in metallurgical industry, construction & cement, mining, emergency rescue operations, and others including nuclear dismantling & demolition, and tunnel & road constructions. The construction & cement segment is anticipated to have higher demand owing to the wide-ranging application for varied range of construction activities.

Geographically, Asia Pacific region is expected to contribute the largest market share. Amongst other countries in this region, Japan is a pioneer in robotics applications owing to unavailability of skilled labor and declined productivity. Also, Europe countries such as Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Germany, and Austria will boost the global market owing to the improving economic condition of the countries.

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