A Beginner’s Guide to Nutrition Before, During and After Exercise

Proper nutrition during exercise is vital to your success. Learn how to eat right to get better results!

Of course, you know that proper nutrition has a significant effect on the final result. Surely you have repeatedly heard the phrase “You are what you eat! “, “A sound mind in a healthy body ” and many others.

This is actually so. Studies show that even if you are laid out in full at the gym, much more influence on your body is provided by the food you eat before, during and after training.

Here’s how you can use the power of proper nutrition during training for maximum results.

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Nutrition before exercise

Keep in mind that your food before exercise begins in the morning when you wake up. Regardless of when you go to the hall or on the playground, you need to well nourish the body with energy from the very morning. What is very important, you need to eat after waking up, because you hunger during sleep for about 8 or more hours.


There are just a few things in the ****** world of fitness that cause more questions and controversy than carbohydrates. Will I progress from their website? Are they required? What specifically are carbohydrates? What time? The relevant questions appear endless. There are different methods, but if you need to get the majority of out of training, healthy eating may be the decisive factor then.

Carbohydrates are the primary fuel for the body. This will not mean that you ought to consume plates of mashed potatoes all day long and gnaw the candy in batches, nevertheless, you want to give the body enough fuel to help make the exercises more useful.

Of study course, you want every single gram of consumed carbs to be immediately used as a way to obtain additional energy or even to restore glycogen amounts, then being kept as fat rather. Do not eat even more than you will need. More carbohydrates could be consumed during exercise.

It’s great when you ate at least 2 times before teaching. The first two foods should include complex carbs, such as for example oatmeal or nice potatoes. The first food shall provide you with a couple of several hours to digest carbohydrates and move on to work, providing the known degree of sugars and glycogen in the bloodstream.

The second meal ought to be about a full hour prior to the workout. Give your body period to digest food in order not to take part in a full abdomen. Trust me, nothing good should come of it. The majority of 40 grams of carbs are enough before training.

Fast protein

Studies have shown that those who use whey protein before training show better results than those who use other sources of protein (or do not use it at all). Most likely, this is due to anti-catabolic and anabolic actions of amino acids that are contained in serum, in particular, leucine. Serum contains many more amino acids with branched chains than any other proteins.

There are other advantages. Studies have shown that protein intake before exercise increases energy consumption by an average of 6-6. 5% to 48 hours. In addition, protein will lower the level of cortisol during the day. This effect was not seen in those who either completely starved or only used carbohydrates.

Protein and amino acids are different proteins. People often think that when the carbohydrate supply runs low, the body begins to consume fatty amino acids as fuel. This process is usually too slow for intensive training. In order to provide the body with the necessary energy,  amino acids are rapidly destroyed and converted into sugar.

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This process is called gluconeogenesis. If these amino acids are not contained in the blood, then where do they come from? – you ask. Of 10- inch biceps. For those on the diet, some additional amino acids in our blood can help keep muscle mass.

Those who like to count the number of calories and act against the way before training, it is recommended to consume 10-15 grams of amino acids with branched chains.

They will give the same effect and increase protein synthesis. Using amino acids with branched chains before training, you can burn more calories.

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