Sleep & Beyond launches organic mattress toppers and duvets for its Sleep-Well Campaign

In its bid to erase lack of sleep to millions of people, Sleep & Beyond today launched its Sleep Well Campaign through which it intends to introduce a range of organic products including organic mattress toppers and duvets to facilitate good sleep. The organic bedding manufacturer said that its range of products is fully certified to be organic, free from synthetics both out and inside.

In this campaign, the company stated that it aims at helping more individuals with various types of insomnia among other sleep disorders get a good baby sleep. While launching these organic bedding products, the company’s chief marketer cited lack of comfortable bedding as another leading cause of lack of sleep apart from mental stress.

Type of mattress toppers used can as well affect the quality of sleep. To counter this problem, Sleep & Beyond introduced its myMerino Topper, a purely organic mattress topper made from Merino wool fibers. The company mentioned that this topper is suited for those who seek to sleep like a baby and be taken away to the dreamland in a more comfortable and relaxed mattress. It is crafted with soft supple merino wool fiber to offer the best relief from pressure points. This topper also best suits those with sensitivities of chemicals used on inorganic toppers or have varied allergies. It is 1.5-inch thickness gives each body muscle a soft supple contact with the mattress to eliminate changes of aches after sleep.

Next in line is mySheet Set, organic cotton sheets for a bed made from natural cotton. This product, the company mentioned, is eco-friendly, breathable and more durable with a soft feel on the skin and improves the conscience which is essential for sleep. MySheet Set was described as soothing and safe, suitable for adults, teens, kids, and infants. The company mentioned that this sheet is purely organic and is free from dyes, pesticides or any chemicals. It is made available in various sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Eastern King and the California King. Its maintenance and cleaning are very easy as it is machine washable.

Even though most people cite lack of sleep to stress alone, the company’s chief marketers mentioned that most often forget draught and warmth levels. The marketing mentioned that the type of surface on which a person sleeps on also accounts a lot whether the heat generated by their bodies will be retained or lost. MyDual Pad was mentioned as an ideal mattress pad when one is not only seeking comfort but body heat retention. It is a dual side-pad with a woolen and fleece side, which is the sleeping surface. This pad soothes the skin with its softness and helps the body retain heat especially on cold winters.

The company mentioned that it has widely looked into various bedding related causes of insomnia and crafted the appropriate bedding for it. During the extremely cold winters, the company mentioned that keeping the household warm can be very difficult or much costly. In such events, the officials recommended the use organic duvet covers to not only make the duvet and blankets warmer but also softer and more soothing.

Organic comforters made from pure cotton were also mentioned as the most ideal for all the four seasons. The company’s sleep experts mentioned that myComforter in particular, one of the company’s organic cotton comforters, gives soothing warmth during winters and regulates body temperature during cold seasons.

Sleep & Beyond mentioned that it is looking into an even brighter future of sleep by researching to improve its offerings to even higher standards.

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