Read about the DoDots patent Tony Medrano and change your views on delivering online content

DoDots Inc is an internet infrastructure company that helps online businesses take their content to the mobile handsets arena. Since 1999, when the company was formed, it has remained a formidable name in the domain of online content marketing. To know more about this highly innovative company, you should read about DoDots Dani Apgar and DoDots patent Tony Medrano.

Dots are applications that help online content creators brand and package their content and quickly distribute them in the world of mobile internet. Dots are compatible with multiple applications and can handle streaming media, text content and games among others. The technology helps in increasing the exposure of the messages.

DoDots Inc. is the name behind Dots, an innovative product that helps content to be refreshed, updated and published in no time. One of the men behind this product is Anthony P Medrano.

There is this interesting online case study about Medrano that will let you know about this successful American entrepreneur. After some initial struggles, Medrano led two rounds of solid investment in DoDots. Now the company proposes highly innovative internet infrastructure solutions to its clients all over the globe. With its partnership with 2Roam, DoDots has enhanced its present capabilities and geared up to service more clients, saving time and money for them.

Medrano has also filed a number of patents and all of them are related to internet content. A DoDots patent Tony Medrano is about the apparatus and method to use to deliver internet content.

An internet marketing expert with more than 10 years of experience, DoDots Dani Apgar thrives in the fast-growing world of the internet, digital media and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). She deals with various companies of Southern California and Silicon Valley that operate in these domains.

She is currently the Director of Legal Marketing Sales at and helps law firms and legal associations to enhance their client base. After starting her career at Gray Cary Ware &Freidenrich, she was also an attorney recruiter at Cooley LLP, one of the most famous technology focused law firms. In the domain of sales, Dani was a leading sales executive at Insperity, a large SaaS company. She worked closely with CEOs of service and technology companies to integrate SaaS to grow their businesses and reduce operational costs.

She is the Senior Director of DoDots Inc., and was the first employee of the company. She was part of the executive team that raised $25 million in funding. She has attended the University of California, San Diego with 3.0 GPA and is also HR certified.

DoDots has proved to be useful because it lets online content to be published where it matters the most these days – the mobile handsets.

One of the reasons why DoDots has been making waves in the online content world is its strong leadership. Both Tony Medrano and Dani Apgar form parts of a formidable leadership team that knows what it aims to do. For businesses looking to make the most of the scope of mobile internet, DoDots is, thus, the name to think about.

DoDots Dani Apgar is part of the strong leadership team at DoDots Inc. Also read the DoDots patent Tony Medrano to know about delivering content on the internet.

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