International Digital Asset Epoch-making leader AIC Strong Coming

In 2018, the coin field situation change sharply, after many time change, Novice investors and master still stand up. If Blockchain is driving us to embrace revolution, AIC must be a platform you choose to this new world.

As the company knows that blockchain core is status record, which is the world’s most objectivity, fair and publicity status record technology. On the blockchain platform, any operation will keep the record and will not be destroyed or counterfeited. That is the max absolutely record in the relativity. Blockchain bring us the technology that can establish ****** credit, let the value pass on low cost in high efficiency. AIC takes Ethereum ERC20 as a standard, use PBFT high consensus algorithm, combing smart contract. The platform can absolutely solve out the information equivalence, so that can be decantation as well as de-intermediary.

Based on the strong technology supporting, AIC behind team should not be underestimated. AIC is researched and developed by NEXTGEN team. The technique team has Tahir Rocco Team Manager which likes Imperial College London first class master degree and also senior software engineer Richard Sarkis and so on field top talent as well as strong capacity and rich experience operation team. can provide powerful guarantee for the platform on the capital, technology and manpower.

The new technology revolution become more and more violent based on the blockchain leading, blockchain technology is developed all over the world. In China, this technology is also quickly focused by the financial circle and government. Blockchain will overturn more industries and our knowledge. It also will lead a deep and fully new change in the whole world. It is key point for the user to choose the right platform to enter the blockchain field. AIC has the international leading advantage no matter on the system allocation or on the backstage controlling aspect. The company will provide good safeguard for our platform users.

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