High Performance Pulse Jet Valve for Reverse Jet Bag Filters by Maniks

Description of pulse jet valve: Maniks has made Pulse and Pilot Valve for turnaround beat stream pack channels, offering precisely composed aftereffect of market require. Maniks beat pulse Valve has quite recently just moving part the stomach. The main spring less improvement gives speedy opening and closing of the valve. The quick activity other than sparing of packed air gives stun wireless transmission for dislodging of clean from channel sacks. High stream, long life and quick stomach movement make solid and conservative task.


The Maniks offers a high scope of heartbeat pulse valves impeccable to the high Opening and shutting speedy activity of turnaround beat stream pack channel. Maniks beat pulse valves are fabricated to a great standard and are maintained by submitted and experienced applications engineers. Maniks Pulse Jet Valves are fabricated to the best quality benchmarks, making them a best item for solidness and long life. Maniks beat pulse valves are 100% demonstrated for capacity and break going before to shipment and are the essential choice arrangement with the greatest framework designers globally.


Task of heartbeat stream valve: Maniks beat valves are worked by necessary solenoid pilot administrator. At the point when the valve is invigorated, the gotten air above heartbeat valve stomach is instantly depleted causing snappy opening of primary stomach valve. At the point when the pilot valve is de – stimulated, air escapes through deplete opening of essential heartbeat valve to modify the stomach weight and in a flash close the valve.

Pulse Valve Operation:

Maniks pulse valves are operated by integral solenoid pilot operator. When the valve is energised, the trapped air above pulse valve diaphragm is quickly exhausted causing fast opening of main diaphragm valve. When the pilot valve is de – energised, air escapes through bleed hole of main pulse valve to balance the diaphragm pressure and instantly closes the valve that’s why it is called as pneumatic pulse valve.


Duty Cycle: The relative duty time cycle for ac voltage is 20% and for DC voltage is 10 % .This implies energised time is maximum 1/5th of de-energised time for AC and 1/10th for DC voltage.

Installation: Mounting in any position will not affect pulse valve operation. However good engineering practice is to avoid scale and condensed water entering valve body for trouble free performance . Standard end connections of BSP are provided.


Operation of pulse jet valve:

The relative obligation time cycle for air conditioning voltage is 20% and for DC voltage is 10 % .This suggests empowered time is most extreme 1/fifth of de-stimulated time for AC and 1/tenth for DC voltage.


Establishment of heartbeat stream valve: Mounting in any position won’t influence activity. However great building practice is to keep away from scale and dense water entering valve body for inconvenience free execution. Standard end associations of BSP are given.


Maniks beat pulse valve highlights:

The highlights of the Maniks pulse valve are

  1. High stream rates
  2. High cycle life
  3. Strung end body
  4. Appropriate for most extreme medium temperature 650
  5. Long life stomach of heartbeat pulse valves
  6. Typically shut, ordinarily open; or double– acting


Exceptional administrations:

  • We offer unique administration for your current framework segments for pneumatic heartbeat application, to recondition you’re out of commission beat stream valves and guarantee working dependability tantamount to new. Try not to scrap your valves (ONLY IMPORTED) unless reviewed by our specialists.


  • We offer Spare stomach, Pilot solenoid and Coils for your Existing Imported Valves.


  • We give uncommon nooks to clocks, for example, fire verification walled in areas, SS fenced in areas, FRP walled in areas, IP65 fenced in areas on ask.


  • We likewise take into account exceptional prerequisite, for example, fire evidence nooks for valves.


Clean your heartbeat stream sack channel effectively with heartbeat pulse valves from Maniks. Stomach and heartbeat pulse valves cooperate for proficient activity of the pulse sack channel cleaning framework.


Maniks offers beat pulse valves to best fit your application:


  • For switch pulse pack channel, beat pulse valve can be covered in an assortment of completions.


  • Integral beat pulse valves are mounted specifically on the stomach


  • Pulse stream valve accessible for high volume/low weight applications.


  • Available sorts of heartbeat pulse valve in: MEP – 16, MEP – 18, MEP – 112, MEP – 114, MEP – 116, MEP – 120, Etc.


  • Pulse valve accessible for high volume/low weight applications





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