Thai Chilli Paste with Smoked Mackerel Now Available

Thai Chilli Paste with Smoked Mackerel Now Available

Chelmsford, Essex (February 20, 2018) – Start-up company, Sudasawan, is bringing flavour to UK palates with the launch of a mouth-watering Thai Chilli Paste with Smoked Mackerel.

The Chilli Paste with Smoked Mackerel is a delicious homemade recipe made similar to a popular Thai roasted chilli paste, called Nam Prik Pao. Nam Prik Pao is traditionally made from a combination of garlic, onion, tamarind and chilli. Sudasawan’s Chilli Paste with Smoked Mackerel delivers an umami of flavours allowing users to experience sweet, sour and spicy all at once

The Sudasawan Chilli Paste with Mackerel is currently the only known readymade chilli paste with smoked mackerel on the UK market. The product was created by Thai native Sudasawan Venables.

Questioned about the motivation for creating the product Sudasawan explained: “I have often made this paste and brought it along to parties and picnics and my friends liked it so much they kept asking me to make it. However, it was only after they suggested that they would buy it from me and that I should sell it to the wider community that I began to see the potential for a commercial product.”

The chilli paste with mackerel is the Sudasawan’s debut product, but she intends to expand the range to include other flavours of chilli paste once her first product is established.

Sudasawan Chilli Paste with Mackerel offers the perfect accompaniment with vegetables, omelette, boiled eggs, stir fries, meat dishes / sea food. It can also be used as a standalone with rice. The product is currently available at local shops in Essex. It is also available online at For further information about Sudasawan’s Chilli paste with Mackerel, visit:



Media Contact:  John Venables


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