License To Shoot Creates New Opportunities For Self-Defense Enthusiasts

Long time stallwart of second amendment rights Licence To Shoot has recently relaunched their web portal to now include actionable insight and advise on ways politically active American citizens can safely and legally defend their person and property.

In recent years self-defense activists have repeatedly engaged in national movements to raise awareness of the importance of the second amendment for all Americans from all walks of life.

Recently License To Shoot has got behind this burgeoning national movement to provide an online platform for self-defense enthusiasts, libertarians, independents, and voters from both the left and right political spectrum to unite in the common cause of freedom for all.

The self-defense site also focuses on publishing current and informational resources on different counter-surveillance and other professional anti-espionage tactics and the equipment used for such operations.

From the historically infamous Minox brand of miniature cameras to rifle scopes, self-defense equipment and strategy to larger home protection and property security, License To Shoot is growing rapidly.

With ongoing investigations into the tampering of the 2016 presidential elections there is no better time for Americans to educate themselves on the tools of the trade and methods used for surveillance and espionage. Only through education may American’s actively protect themselves.

License To Shoot through their various product reviews, comparisons and informational guides have created the first stepping stone for politically active citizenry to equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to not only protect their property but the nation as a whole.

For any self-determined active citizen interested in learning more about their second amendment rights or general self-defense there are shockingly few constructive resources currently at their disposal for self education.

It is the goal of License To Shoot and their members to help solve this problem of education via the regular publishing and dissemination of interactive online resources.

About License To Shoot

License To Shoot started as a simple hobby for the founder John Sutherland in 2008 after collecting dozens of documents on self-defense, counter-surveillance and espionage. Today the movement has grown into inspirational database of tactical equipment reviews and espionage awareness education.

For more information, visit its website at or call 1-716-821-8819.

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