Samuel Shuebrooks – A Dedicated Mechanical Engineer

Sam Shuebrooks is a dedicated mechanical engineer in U.S. Merchant Marine with an extensive experience of more than 7 years.

Do you know about the professional life of Samuel Shuebrooks? It is an inspiring story for all who want to join the U.S. Merchant Marine. Samuel Shuebrooks is a mechanical engineer in the U.S. Merchant Marine since 2010.

Being a Q-med in the U.S. Merchant Marine at Crowley Maritime in Alexandria, Sam performs many tasks, such as-

  • Sam works in oceangoing ship’s engine rooms and assists other engineers with necessary equipment operation and maintenance.
  • He is responsible for lubricating gears, bearings, shafts, and other moving components, as well as keeping oil cups filled to the appropriate level.
  • At regular intervals, Sam Shuebrooks checks and records the readouts of temperature and pressure gauges.
  • He also performs temporary repairs in instances of equipment malfunction to ensure the ship can return to port.

Pertaining to the education of Samuel Shuebrooks, in 2001, he enrolled himself at Great Mills School in Lexington Park Maryland to complete his graduation. In 2007, he entered Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship to complete his basic training and get qualified to serve as a tanker cargo assistant and oiler. He has also received instruction in lifeboat survival and helicopter firefighting to prepare for emergencies.

About Samuel Shuebrooks

Samuel Shuebrooks is a mechanical engineer with the U.S. Merchant Marine. With Q-med qualifications, he assists in the proper operation of the ship’s engine room. Pertaining to Samuel’s education, he completed mechanical engineering in 2010 from the Harry Lundeberg Seamanship School where he earned Merchant Mariner Document and Transportation Worker’s Identification Credential. Extensive experience of Samuel includes working for the Maersk Line as a Q-med mechanical engineer.