Electroneum To Be Listed On KuCoin

Electroneum, the exciting new mobile based cryptocurrency, is set to be listed on KuCoin, one of the top exchanges in Asia.

This comes as Electroneum announces a partnership with QUOINE, showing that the team is taking expansion into the Asian markets seriously.

KuCoin has a great reputation as a secure and technologically advanced exchange and should bring significant new market exposure to Electroneum. The Electroneum team will be working with KuCoin to promote the mobile-focused cryptocurrency across Asia using KuCoin’s “To The Moon” marketing package, which is focused on introducing new users to trade Electroneum.

Richard Ells, CEO of Electroneum, said “We support 20 different languages but are only currently listed on English based exchanges. We’ve chosen the KuCoin marketing campaign package that has had the most dramatic effect on the price of other coins that have listed on KuCoin. They’re also giving away a limited number of ETN in a special joint promotion, so if you don’t have an account there yet – I recommend getting opening one. I’m confident this will greatly increase our exposure in Asia.”

This will be welcome news for the Electroneum community, one of the largest cryptocurrency communities in the world. They will be able to confidently trade ETN on another secure and reliable exchange, and the coin will be exposed to huge numbers of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Asia.

With exchange listings pending on some of the largest exchanges in the world and the recent news that Electroneum will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress, the eyes of the cryptocurrency world will be carefully watching the British coin as it charts its course to mass user adoption.


About Electroneum

Electroneum is a brand new disruptive technology, combining blockchain, cryptocurrency and mobile ubiquity to make something entirely new.

It is designed entirely for mass adoption, aiming to be the largest cryptocurrency by user numbers during 2018. It has signed agreements in place with mobile telecoms providers giving Electroneum access to over 100m users.

You can find further details about Electroneum at https://electroneum.com and you can find live and historical coin price information here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/electroneum/

Electroneum is available to trade on Cryptopia here: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange?market=ETN_BTC


Contact Details:

PR: ollie.simpson@electroneum.com