Quick Bridge Loan Provider

UK’s top direct lenders, Bridge Direct is looking to offer instant decisions on all bridge loan applications. These types of loans are ideal for any kind of property developer or commercial business owner looking to secure funding.

A Bridging loan is a short-term finance that is usually associated with property or commercial business developments. By using a bridging loan you can fix temporary financial gaps until the availability of long term funding, such as a mortgage or bank loan comes along. As is the case with short term loans, you will find that the interest rates are a little higher than a longer term mortgage, however, the flexibility they can provide a business with can more than save this increase.

Long term financial options like mortgages or bank loans will have a number of set criteria and credit checks associated with them. These credit checks will need to be completed before a loan can be approved, let alone begin to look at fund transfer. Due to the recent economic crisis, these check have been increased and can take months to complete. This does not apply to loan eligibility and approval process of bridge loans. At Bridge Direct, you will be guaranteed and instant decision on all bridge loan applications, and in some cases funding may be possible on the same day. The team of Bridge Direct are direct lenders, not a brokers, meaning you can be assured when you call them, you will be speaking directly to the decision maker.

Purchase properties quickly

Bridge loans are a great option to consider when looking to purchase a new property. With a Bridge Loan simply you can secure the property (or in some case buy the property outright), without having to rely on the sale of another property.  For example, when stuck in a chain, this will not only save months of waiting, but allow development works to be completed quicker and the house to be resold.

Everyone can be eligible for a bridge loan

Most banks will not even consider you for mortgage if you have any kind of adverse or bad credit history. This does not apply to bridge loans, as these are secured loans, you may still be eligible fo r a loan if you have any kind of bad or adverse credit history.

Saves your time, it is important

Remember, your time is important, and by using s bridge loan from bridge direct you can get back to concentrating on what matters, your business, rather than having to worry about getting approval or contact numerous brokers, banks and lenders.

So, if you are looking for an immediate finance option, contact Bridge Direct today. You can contact them by calling on 020 3126 4969