Experience the “Flurys-Frenzy” Right at Your Doorstep as Flurys Is Now Online

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18, Park Street
City: Kolkata
Zipcode: 700071
Country: India
Phone: 033-40646053
Email: onlinesales@flurys.com
Website: http://www.flurys.com/

Kolkata (India), 7th February 2018: With the ongoing insurgence of innumerable cafes and restaurants in Kolkata, the ‘City of Joy’ is giving newfound opportunities to its dwellers to discover the city in a new fervor, or rather flavor, if we may say so, every day. However, having said that, it must not also be forgotten that there are some iconic heritages that cannot be ignored in this hurly-burly of a food carnival, which Kolkata has now been bestowed with. One such legendary restaurant and cake shop that has forever kept the “food banner” of Kolkata flying high is Flurys. While it started within the confines of a small tea room in 1927, today it has sprawled into 15 outlets all across the city and needless to say, one of the favorite “sweet joints” of Kolkata amongst the old and the young, alike.

The “Flurys- Frenzy”: From the mouth of a close observer

The frenzy over chocolates, cakes, and pastries from Flurys, be it the Chocolate Truffle cake, the Cube Pastries, or the Rum Balls, is not a secret anymore. We spoke to Manjima Roy, who lives in the same neighborhood, in Park Street. She says, “I have been living in Park Street since more than 30 years now. And there are many celebrated places in Park Street like the traditional Trincas or Moulin Rouge to the present obsession with Someplace Else or Mocambo, which makes it one of the most popular entertainment zones of the city but there is something about Flurys that fails to die even after so many years. All of us are aware of so many new cake shops and dessert places running quite well in the city but still while coming back from work, I notice a long queue almost every day in front of Flurys. Sometimes I stop and wonder what is this craziness for Flurys. And then I dig into their decadent menu of chocolate cakes and pastries that immediately tell me why Kolkata has not yet been able to replace Flurys with another well-adorned, glitzy, and posh “dessert destination”. It is indeed one of the best cakes and chocolates shop in Kolkata that over the years, has become synonymous with the city’s character.”

Now there is some great news for all the loyal patrons of Flurys. You can now order your favorites from Flurys and get an online cake delivery in Kolkata. Please visit their website, http://www.flurys.com now and go through their menu and don’t miss out on the opportunity of getting a delectable platter of Flurys-famous delicacies right at your doorstep from the best online cake shop in Kolkata.

About Flurys: Flurys is the legendary cake shop and confectionary in Kolkata that has recently gone online. Known for its rich cultural history and finger-licking quality of cakes and pastries, this is definitely a place you cannot give amiss if you are in the “City of Joy”.