WORX Aerocart – Top Rated 2 Wheeled Multifunction Wheelbarrow

3. WORX Aerocart –  Top Rated 2 Wheeled Multifunction Wheelbarrow

The WORX Aerocart 2 Wheeled Multifunction Wheelbarrow, Dolly and Yard Cart with Flat Free WG050 Tires is a wheelbarrow with the multipurpose capacity and can be adjusted to a dolly so it can be utilized for some different purposes too.

Some of its component incorporates the way that it all aspects of the wheelbarrow is developed from sturdy steel, expansion arms that can be collapsed out and level free, curiously large tires. Diverse inventive extras close by the expansion arms can be utilized for transporting straw bunches, mulch packs, vases and also other unbalanced vast articles.

The diverse connections and adornments enable the aerocart to be utilized like 8 different trucks including expanded dolly, trailer mover, sack holder, shake lifter, pruned plant mover, barrel holder, hand truck, and wheelbarrow.The wheelbarrow has the ability to move things with around 3 cubic feet tub limit and things weighing 300 lbs. It can be utilized to convey any sort of load including earth, blocks, rocks, wood and different burdens. The wheelbarrow has a weight of around 48 lbs.

Its solid nature makes it workable for it to have the capacity to be utilized for different required yard occupations. It is feasible for 80 lbs of load, for example, shakes and plants, to be conveyed and proceeded onward the expansion arms.

The two wheel wheelbarrow can change the focal point of gravity consequently to make overseeing overwhelming burdens less demanding. In light of this, you will feel like you are moving a heap of only 17 lbs when you are moving 200 lbs of load. Your joints and your back advantage a great deal from this. You likewise get the chance to spare time.

Main Features Of WORX Aerocart

  • Item weight of 49 pounds
  • Product dimensions of 42 inches by 12 inches by 18 inches.
  • Fold out extension arm
  • Ergonomic lift design
  • Constructed only from steel and can move 300 lbs weight
  • Comes with mesh rock mover, back holder, cylinder holder, flower pot strap
  • Can be converted without tools to become a cylinder carrier, bag holder, trailer mover, flower pot mover and extended dolly.
  • Patented center of gravity adjustment design that makes it easy to manage load by balancing it
  • Flat free, oversized tires
  • Very versatile moving work and lifting system
  • Silver black and orange color