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General liability insurance is one of the first types of policies you will need if you are starting a new business as a contractor. At CalEagle Insurance for many new small business startups the most popular insurance is General Liability Insurance for Contractors. Since a big expense factor in a contractor’s construction bid is always the cost of the liability insurance for the project your contractor’s existing general liability policy might not be sufficient to meet the requirements of a specific job being bid for but upping the coverage on his regular liability insurance could leave the contractor in a grossly over-covered position after the job is done. Thus experts at CalEagle Insurance recommend a per project liability insurance policy ideal for construction bid circumstances.

CalEagle Insurance Services established in 2000 is a locally owned and operated independent agency offering quality insurance solutions to individuals and businesses in California.

Regardless of if you are a general contractor or a sub-contractor, Contractor’s General Liability Insurance is one type of insurance coverage that you cannot afford to conduct your business without. Majority of jobs require your company to provide proof of GL – general liability insurance before allowing it on their property, but neglecting to protect your assets with this wide-ranging kind of business insurance can leave you exposed to occasional catastrophic liabilities in event of mishaps or injuries occur at some stage in a job.

CalEagle Insurance for Contractor’s GL Covers vital things such as

  • Advertising Injury
  • Bodily Injury
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Products and Completed Operations

Workers Compensation Insurance California is a unique scheme that offers great benefits to workers compensation insurance in most organizations. CalEagle Insurance Offers Workers Compensation Insurance which is a special insurance system that pays all sorts of benefits to workers who are injured while on their jobs. The aim of the insurance is to cover the medical costs that may be involved, permanent disability and loss of salaries or wages.

Moreover Workers Compensation Insurance California Contractors scheme also protects employers as they do receive immunity from any kind of civil lawsuit that may filed by injured employees. The California Compensation Insurance is mainly for California workers who may be injured while working in their various companies in the state.

About CalEagle Insurance:
CalEagle Insurance Services established in 2000 is a locally owned and operated independent agency offering quality insurance solutions to individuals in California. The company specializes in Auto, Home, Life and Business Insurance. They are focused on personalized interest of their clients and thus work keeping client’s best interests at heart. They believe it is their responsibility is to provide YOU the best service and the best coverage, at the best possible price.

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