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Should You Get a Rabbit Hutch

There is a short and a long answer to this question, the first one being a simple, yet straightforward yes. If you intend on being the owner of such a pet, it would be highly recommended that you get a Rabbit Hutch that you can place outdoors or even indoors, if that is what you want. When you are shopping for new pets, you should also take a quick look on Puppy Training Pads, especially if you intend on getting a dog in the near future.

Why your rabbit should be fed Timothy Hay

Ideal diets for rabbits and other small pets are available from leading manufacturers that are high on fibre, low in protein and low in calcium. Timothy Hay has been developed after considering the nutritional requirements of rabbits and Guinea Pigs so that they get the right amount of protein, fibre, fat, vitamins and minerals. Online stores not only sell food for your pet but Rabbit hutch for them as well.