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Disability is part of diversity – Join the celebration for National Disabilities Awareness Month

This Sunday October 14th, at the East LA Civic Center the 15th Annual Wheelchair Wash Festival will honor Los Angeles Mother of 4 with the Abilities in Action Advocate Award. From 11am-6pm there will be free wheelchair washing, waxing, tuneups and community booths also featuring live entertainment all day!

Park Bench Seats Basic Guidelines

Those of you who love the fresh air and who eat outdoors every time they have the chance should create an environment that enables you to enjoy an outdoor experience. In order to create a casual space you will need a “picnic table” and seats. You can opt for “park bench seats” that are available in different sizes and different materials.

Basic Info on Cafe Umbrellas

If you are the owner of an outdoor commercial establishment and you would like to create a warm, inviting outdoor place you will need “cafe umbrellas” and comfortable and stylish furniture. Bike owners who live in small apartments and find it difficult to store their bikes will find the “hanging bike rack” very useful.

Online Crane Rental Services of Hydraulic Cranes by Durga Crane Services

Durga crane benefits Hyderabad by offering crane rental administrations. Every one of our Hydraulic Crane Rentals in Hyderabad is pressed with cutting edge highlights, extraordinary adaptability and with a dependable expense to assist you with saving your opportunity and cash at the same time.

Mainly in port areas where the loading and unloading of containers are carried out, these cranes are used. Lifting and transporting of heavy weight becomes easier when we use hydraulic cranes.

As a result of the considerable number of administrations given by us will give finish fulfillment to our customers. Consumer loyalty and wellbeing is more critical for us.

Ricardo J Part – 1


I am a loving husband to my wife Brittney Jimenez and a father to my beautiful daughter Anastacia Rose. My medical background is roughly 5 years in length and I have worn many hats: Medical Assistant, Lead MA, Clinical Office Manager to Regional Manager. I am currently in a position with Dr Afshin Eslami and the Slim Life team as a Bariatric Coordinator / Office Manager. I too went through the weight loss journey with the aid of Dr Eslami and his well trained team. My largest weight being 386 pounds and my current healthy lifestyle weight of 190. I live by the motto “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” and patient care is my passion.

Patient Testimonial


My name is Rick and I’ve lost 144 pounds in 7 months. I’m very happy that I chose Dr. Eslami because he and his staff are very kind and professional. Because of them, it was a very positive experience, my only regret is that I didn’t have gastric bypass done sooner.

Before the surgery I had suffered a stroke at the age of 34, I had diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and back problems. I couldn’t do things that most people take for granted. I was always out of breath, sweating and tired. Just walking from the car into a store was a challenge, let alone walking through the store. I am now able to exercise, walk, run, and most importantly I am able to play with my two young girls.

Sceletium Tortuosum

Sceletium tortuosum is a small groundcover plant native to Southern Africa. For hundreds of years the Hottentots of Southern Africa used Sceletium tortuosum as a mood enhancer, relaxant and empathogen. It is also known as Kanna or Kauwgoed, Kougoed and Canna.

Historically Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) was chewed, smoked or used as snuff producing euphoria and alertness which gently fade into relaxation. If chewed in sufficient quantity Sceletium has a mild aneasthetic effect in the mouth, much like kava, and is used by the San tribes if you are about to have a tooth extracted, or in minute doses, for children with colic. A tea made from Sceletium/Kanna is sometimes used to wean alcoholics off alcohol.

About Kratom

Native to the Southeast Asia, kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a powerful medicinal plant used by thousands throughout the world. The medicinal potentials of this plant are vast, some of the most prominent include: pain relief, opiate addiction treatment, mood lifting, energy and immune system stimulation.

There are entire forums on the use and benefits of this impressive plant, which speaks for this plant’s virtue more than we ever could.

The medicinal effects of kratom are highly flexible and diverse due to its unique alkaloid profile, which is unlike any other plant known to exist.

These effects are:

2018 World Cup Preview and Team Analysis Part – 1

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be kicking off on the 14th of June, which is a few days away. The buildup to a World Cup usually comes with a lot of excitement, but for some unknown reasons, there isn’t much excitement anywhere with the greatest sporting event in the world just a few days away. Hopefully, this will change for the better when the day arrives.

This year’s World Cup will feature 32 teams from different parts of the world and will be played across 11 cities and in 12 different venues. Twenty teams from the 2014 World Cup will feature in this one, while two debutants, Iceland and Panama will have the chance to showcase their footballing prowess to the world.