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Sichuan (China), 1st May 2018: Avid birdwatchers and birders around China can enhance their birding skills even better now due to the increasing number of birding tours that organized across cities in China. One of the most renowned names to be added to this list would be Alpine Birding. With their interesting, convenient, and safe bird watching tours to some of the unusual birding belts, this has become one of the most sought-after companies in China that excel in such kinds of tours. Now, Alpine Birding brings you yet another exciting trip for all the birding enthusiasts, experts, and beginners.

The Qinghai Birding Tour by Alpine Birding

Join the Qinghai Birding Tour by Alpine Birding and indulge in another mind-boggling and engaging tour amidst the wilderness of nature and the colorful bird species of the Qinghai region. The trip will begin at the capital of the Qinghai province and then continue for close to 10 days of birding in various carefully chosen sites. Then, the next trip is to Lhasa where all the birders can take a look at some endemic species like the Giant Barbarx or the Tibetan-earned Pheasants. The elevated land separates itself from the tropic regions where there is a scattered variety of birds but in this highland, only a small group of birds can manage to survive. The Qinghai tour will thus focus on the actual endemics than the smaller groups. The kind of variety you can expect to see include-

  • Ground Jay
  • Tibetan Rosefinch
  • Tibetan Snowcock
  • Black-necked Crane
  • Tibetan Lark

Apart from this, you can find beautiful wildflowers, catch a glimpse of the authentic Tibetan culture, and see several flocks of grazing animals.

How it Works

The trip usually starts from June 24th to July 8th. You are assigned an expert logistic guide who will be your tour leader. You are expected to see around 250 to 300 birds. And the number of birders allowed is a maximum of 8.

So, hurry up and quickly book your place now. For further queries related to this trip or general Sichuan birding, you can visit http://www.alpinebirding.com/.

About Alpine Birding: Alpine Birding is one of the most popular, reputed, and reliable organizers of bird watching tours in and around Sichuan and Qinghai provinces. Book their trips to catch a glimpse of several endemic bird species.



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