Bladeless Wind Turbine Market Overview, Competitive Analysis and Development by Companies

Market Overview

Bladeless Wind Turbine uses a radically new approach to capturing wind energy. Bladeless wind turbines lack rotating blades and are designed to stand erect and oscillate in response to the vortices. The top-heavy part of conventional wind turbines requires high-quality components to avoid structural damage increasing the constructional cost. The reduced weight of turbines as compared to hefty blade turbines is acting as a primary driver of the ****** bladeless wind turbines market.

The issues raised with conventional wind turbines is the amount of cost involved in set-up and maintenance, the amount of space required to operate and the noise created with moving parts. The bladeless wind turbine overcomes the issues of traditional wind turbine and are constructed to be virtually silent, can be attached to any stable structure and have affordable prices. Also, the cost of maintenance is also quite minimal since, the turbine has very few moving parts. The engineers at Vortex Bladeless anticipated that bladeless wind turbine would cost around 51 percent less than a traditional turbine .

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Market Highlights

The rod-like design of the bladeless wind turbine consume a lot less horizontal space allowing to be situated in more confined environments, such as urban or suburban areas. Furthermore, the design of bladeless turbine ensures the turbine rotation at high RPMs with total safety unlike a conventional turbine which explodes under failure due to fatigue. However, one of the key challenges faced by the bladeless wind turbines is not able to convert into energy as efficiently as current wind turbines. Increased efficiency in wind power generation, rural electrification, reduction in manufacturing costs, and growing residential applications such as Vortex Mini of 4kW developed by Vortex Bladeless S.L are few key trends spurring the ****** bladeless turbine market over the forecast period.

Bladeless turbine industry has been segmented on the basis of application, including marine off-grid systems, remote telemetry, agriculture, domestic purpose, telecom, signage and rail signaling. Agriculture segment is been anticipated to hold the major

Key Players:

Prominent players operating in ****** bladeless wind turbine market includes Vestas, General Electric (GE), Siemens, Gamesa, Enercon, Senvion, Nordex, Goldwind, Suzlon and Envision. Additionally, the industry has been predicted to propel by the efforts of a Spanish company, Vortex Bladeless, innovated a contemporary design of bladeless turbines. Owing to intensive ongoing research and product enhancements, more companies are projected to enter the sector over the forecast period.


Share owing to various applications for electric fence powering, water pumps, lighting in stables and chicken sheds, underwater cameras powering at salmon farms. Furthermore, domestic segment includes residential battery charging and grid connection in rural areas as well. Bladeless wind power generators are also been expected to installed near railway signals to supply power to the signaling systems.

Bladeless wind turbines technology is expected to grow enormously in Western Europe owing to availability of advanced technology coupled with favorable environmental conditions. Furthermore, the market is also projected to spur in North America region owing to technological development of new and innovative rotors, drive systems, towers, and controls. Asia Pacific is projected to flourish owing to rising government initiatives for wind energy promotion. According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the United States and Europe has been expected to increase wind’s fraction of the electrical energy mix to more than 20% within the next two decades.

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