Sunbase Homes Offers Inexpensive And Stress-Free Home Selling Options

Las Vegas, NV ( ) March 24, 2018 – Homeowners in Las Vegas looking to sell their house fast now have an easy and inexpensive solution. Sunbase Homes offers to buy houses in less than three days, for cash. Their solutions are ideal for those in a hurry to sell their home.

“Hiring a realtor does not make sense for everyone trying to sell a house. For one, you would need pay anywhere around 2-4% of the sale for commission. That doesn’t include the amount of repairs and renovations the realtor may require you make before completing the deal. Then there’s the the problem of prepping your house for sale, including moving your kids and pets to an alternative space,” says a spokesperson.

Some people are very protective of their privacy and aren’t comfortable allowing strangers in the house. A sale-by-owner may seem like a viable alternative, but it is a lot of work. Sunbase Homes offers to buy houses for cash, and they can do it in less than three days.

“Our team will make one visit to your home to learn why you’d like to sell, and to discuss any other issues surrounding the sale. At the end of the visit, we’ll make an offer. If the client agrees to the quote, we’ll get deal with all the formalities and close on a date that they choose,” adds the spokesperson for cash home buyers in Las Vegas.

This is an inexpensive solution, as sellers do not have to pay commissions or for renovations. The company will also pay the closing cost.

Cash home sales may not be for everyone, but they’re certainly useful for many. For example, homeowners who are behind in mortgage payments, or couples looking to sell their marital property before a divorce, can really benefit from businesses such as Sunbase.

About Sunbase Home:

Sunbase Homes is one of the leading cash home buyers in Las Vegas offering to buy homes for cash. They work with residents to come up with solutions that are favorable for everyone.

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