10 marla house for sale in Izmir Town

Izmir Town is another well developed residential society in Lahore, neighboring Bahria Town. The society is large, spacious and is witnessing an increase in the number of residents of the society. The society has many plots for sale which are being rapidly bought by the people who are looking forward to locate with their families in this society. As for today’s discussion, we will focus on the hot property of our website. The 10 marla house for sale in Izmir Town is the current love affair of our website because of the beauty of the house. Let’s take a look at the information which has been shared by our website regarding the 10 marla house for sale:

What does the property look like?

Well if you visit our website Zarorat.com, then you will get to know that the 10 marla house for sale is an extremely beautiful house which anyone would want. The house is completely furnished and looks absolutely amazing when it comes to visiting it. The most intriguing point is that the house is located in a clean and peaceful place which makes it an amazing place for you to live in with your family. The amazing architecture and beautiful exterior makes this 10 marla house for sale, the best option for you to go with.

What are the features of this 10 marla house for sale?

Well this 10 marla house for sale in Izmir Town is an ultimate beauty. The house directly faces a big public park and the society is completely safe. We as Pakistani’s need a society where our children can comfortably step outside and also be safe. The following are the features of this 10 marla house for sale:

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 1 kitchen
  • Spacious drawing room
  • Spacious garage
  • Massive TV lounge
  • Rain showers in bathrooms
  • Sui Gas connection
  • Balcony and Terrace

Well you also have water supply and electricity connection in this residential society so you won’t have to get worried on account of the gas supply and electricity.

What is the price of the 10 marla house for sale?Owing to the current situation of the real estate market, it is very well known that prices of many houses for sale have increased and almost have doubled over the last few years. As for this 10 marla house for sale in Izmir Town, the price is only PKR 190 lac. The price is economical in accordance with the area in which it is located. We haven’t posted the pictures of the house from the inside since we want you to pay a visit to the property personally. When you will visit the property then you will know that the thing that you are getting in exchange for money is actually worth it.

What is the location of this 10 marla house for sale?

This 10 marla house for sale is located in C Block of Izmir Town. This society is close to Bahria Town ans is far away from the mainstream routes of Lahore city, however as for the facilities which are available in the society, you don’t need to go anywhere else.

How can I find this property?

Well you don’t have to struggle much. The only thing that you need to do is, visit our website Zarorat.com and look for the “hot” and “super hot” properties in town. This 10 marla house for sale is currently a super hot property which means that it is easily available on the top of the webpage. Next what you need to do is, contact the agent from our website who is dealing in this property. In this case the person who is in charge of this property is Mr. Miyyan Fayyaz Mohi , whose contact number is 0303 0787977.

How can this property be utilized?

Well if you are looking to invest in this 10 marla house for sale then you will see that investing in this property is all set to yield maximum profits and there are many options to go with. You could buy this 10 marla house and give it to someone on rent and hence earn rental income. You could also buy this property for an office space or as a guest house for the executives of the company when they visit. The best option is to live in this house with your family and enjoy. This property can also be utilized for other purposes such as giving it on rent especially to the overseas Pakistani’s who visit the country on account of a major family wedding or something.

Well there are many options to go with. We would request you to continue to read our blogs and know more about the other hot properties in town. Zarorat.com is Pakistan’s upcoming top notch online property portal which Is all set to take the real estate market by storm.