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It is no longer news that content is king on the internet, this simply means that search engines value great content, and guess what? Users are also not left out! If you are into internet marketing, it is important that you constantly come up with contents or articles to increase awareness for whatever service you render.

You might create very excellent contents or article, but it doesn’t matter how good your articles are if you are not getting the amount of readership you need.

Now the question you’ve been asking yourself, how do you get people to read your articles? You can choose the hard path by posting them on your website and work yourself out trying to get traffic, or the easy way by submitting them for FREE on

Yes, you read that perfectly correct, is a website with the sole drive of letting guest users post their unique and unpublished articles for FREE!

If you have been searching for that unique way to make your contents reach out to more people, worry no more, because on this database you can submit the following contents for free.

PRESS RELEASE: If you have unpublished reports about events, circumstances or other happening. Be it a business or organization that you want the world to know about, this is where you can make it happen with ease.

CRYPTOCURRENCY: Here you can easily share contents about the amazing world of cryptocurrency, Litecoin, Altcoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin and all the coins.

NEWS: This is for guest users with newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events, or unpublished report.

Interestingly, submitting your article to is very easy, all you need to do;

– Visit
– Click on submit on the metadata.
– Fill out an online form where you can provide information about your article as well as upload your article.
– Include tags/keywords (which makes it easy for your articles to be seen when searched for)
– Click the “submit post button” and you are good to go.

What you stand to benefit when you post on

Reach more audience: Traffic is easily driven to your post when published here, the more you publish, the higher your chances of showing up in search engines. Also, you don’t need to worry too much about getting viewers to see your content, good readership and followership is already established, which means you will have more people channeled to your content

Showcase your skill: By sharing your expertise through your articles, your audience begins to consider you as a go-to person/company in your field. You gain trust from viewers and build your brand when you post articles that share valuable information about you/your company.

Bring in leads: On Share Your Article , you are guaranteed to attract not just random viewers, but viewers that are interested in your industry, product or services.

Get long-term value from the undying link. There is no limit to how long your article can last, it can still be found as long as it is relevant, viewers will keep viewing it even into the future.


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